Chloe is a very fussy eater who would love to have pond kits like any other kids.  I’m sure you all know by now but she never refuses mashed potatoes with ham and corn.  So this is what we give her on Sundays when we don’t have to work and the “ang moh” can cook for her.  I only cook lunch for her and dinner – “ang moh” gotta do it for himself and Chloe.  I wished i could give her this for lunch every day when she is in school but if we did, she wouldn’t eat them all – either she wouldn’t finish her potatoes or her corn.  I think it is because we have to dump everything into a thermos, therefore it probably doesn’t look as nice – and plus she is in a hurry to go out and play with her friends – so usually end up not finished – sometimes really hard to please that kid.  Most kids at this age eats just about everything right?  but nope .. not mind * roll eyes *


  1. Jerry

    Ah, Chloe is mine kind of girl. I love potatoes (any way), corn and ham. The simple things in life. I can’t imagine only requesting those type of foods when her mom is such a great chef. I was sick on Thursday and Friday as well and luckily my wife had the day off and I request plain congee with salted duck eggs. Ah, if we have some pickled cucumbers…it would of been great.

  2. MeiPY

    I used to be a fussy eater and still am. Chloe will develop a taste soon. I heard a long time ago, people’s tastebuds change every 7 years. So not long to go!

  3. ilovetvb

    Every child loves mash potatoes. My sons loves mash potatoes with homemade gravy. It is definitely a comfort food. Yum!

  4. shirleyloo bout son ‘craves’ for them!! especially the curry potato his grandmum cooks (of coz the gravy not hot leh hehe) … fussy eater is a norm lah MB, but then lil chloe is much better coz she opt for fruits for snack woh..this is ‘healthily’ fussy woh haha … ;-D

  5. frances

    My daughter also loves corn, it is one of her favorite foods! She also loves all types of potatoes, mashed, sauteed, french fries, all of them. ps. I love Chloe’s pink keyboard! so cute! 🙂

  6. SmileyAnnie

    Mmmmm ; i love mash potatoes. If anything you should give her cereal bars that she can take outside to eat and play and also gain energy =)

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