Jessy’s Pizza is new in town – they just opened last week.  I’ve seen Jessy’s pizza in the city before – so it isn’t really new to me.  So today, the “ang moh” decided to try it out .. he ordered some fish and chips  – i told yer .. the man eats lots of fish and chips.  It was a 20 mins wait – we ordered take out – when the “ang moh” went to pick up the food – there were 5 ppl working and one table – but it was late 3.30pm.


It came in a paper box and was staple together but would have made more sense just to slip the flipper into the box but it was no biggie lah.  So how was the fish ..??  well, the fries was not as good as another establishment that we frequent and the fish – it was ok.. but the batter the “ang moh” didn’t care for.  But we are not gonna cut them off of course just because one dish wasn’t good..  we’ll give them a chance and try some other things.  Price was almost the same as the other pizza place – so more reviews up soon.


  1. kokoro

    Ha..and I thought one would be ordering pizzas from a shop that goes by the name of Joey’s Pizza??

  2. frances

    We have a place over here called Popeye’s that serves fried chicken with biscuits that is very similar. They serve their food in a paper box just like these! I think it is okay, but my kids love it! 🙂

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