Yes..!  almost looks like we are only hanging out at Jungle Jim’s eh..??  well, if you want fast food .. and at reasonably priced and you don’t have to cook – with reasonably good service – this is where i recommend for Canadian food.  Chloe’s meal came with a sundae and even though she couldn’t finished it (everything in moderation) tis’ alright.


As usual, Chloe was well behaved but ate only very little food and in my opinion still a plain waste of money to bring her out to eat.  Well, unless this was a Japanese restaurant or a Chinese one – else no way was she gonna eat anything besides fish and chips and even then .. only a few bites.


And what did “ang moh” and I eat..??  the lunch special for 2 can eat for $12.95 – he had fish and chips and i had chicken fingers.  I find eating out quite a waste of money lor.. especially when we can eat this just about everyday.  What about you ..?? got problems a not.. eating with your kids and your spouse..??


  1. kokoro

    Hi MB, eating out is usually rather expensive. I do agree that it is sometimes rather a waste of money especially when the kiddies just hardly eat their money’s worth. Anyway, we all need to eat out every once in a while or life would be so mundane and boring! Besides, I do need a break from cooking every now and then!

  2. ES

    So far so good for us. We don’t order a kid’s meal for our soon-to-be 4 yr-old daughter. We share our food. But if it is a Japanese sushi place, she will have her own miso soup, chawamushi and ebi sushi.

    But she doesn’t seem to have the concept that if she says she is full, it means no more snacks!

  3. Shirley Loo

    hmm..ang moh really can everyday fish n chips eh?? 😉 me n family usually eat out most of the time from breakfast to dinner (esp on weekends)..with kyle around, we have to think of anywhere with rice, soup & fish thats it..shall do for him. If u say its waste of money I shall say it depends on the varieties of food eg. for chinese food, if u ask me I’d rather eat out coz the $$ spend on buying n cooking already enuf to cover the dinner at restaurant hehe ..

  4. Julie Chang

    Yum! The ice cream look really good. In fact, it making me craved for some right now…..heading to the fridge for some Napolean. 😉

  5. Julie Chang

    Yikes! Just notice that my comment is still under my maiden name….opps! Better go change that. 😉

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