New cafe in town  located not too far from our store – was recently reopened – they were formerly the home of  another eating place  who had moved to another location not too far away from its original place.  Anyhow – after having eaten so much wanton soup – and laksa compliments of Jen from Passion4food – I decided to try out the new business – afterall, we have to support our downtown businessmen right..??   This new cafe serves Lebanese food – the Friday’s special was Garlic Chicken & Potatoes.  Don’t be deceived by the plain looking box and uncolorful meal – the food was pretty good.  The today’s special goes for $7.95 + tax and the portion was big enough for 2 person if it was a wee bit more.  But nevertheless, good value for what we paid.


PB had the chicken and I ordered a beef pita – just because I didn’t wanna have the same kinda food.  The beef wasn’t wrapped into the pocket but laid on top of the pita and wrapped together.  Although the food was pretty good – the beef was a bit tough for my liking .. and as expected it all fell apart before i got to the rest of it.   A small pita was at $5.95 + tax – very good value for money because of the size of the pita.  I didn’t finished it of course and only ate half of the whole pita and the ingredients of the second half.

This cafe  is cozily decorated – I didn’t take any pictures because I left the camera since we closed the store to get lunch as it was raining. The inside was very nice indeed and definitely got potential – but the outside building didn’t compliment the inside – I had joked that they should get the landlord to paint the outside only to learn that the landlord’s wife was the one serving us – hahahha!!  but no i didn’t mean it in any disrespect.   Would I go back and try more food ..?? for sure.. !  I hope they continue to bring other dishes for their specials and maybe a wi-fi in the cafe would definitely encourage tourists and passerby to drop in.   A good coffee machine is definitely a plus too.


  1. shirleyloo

    A new restaurant or newly introduced menu has always been my liking…coz can venture mah hehe ;-D

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