As you all know Chloe had been sick for a few weeks now – from a cold to cough and then very bad sore throat – followed by suspected asthma and then this morning – diarrhea.  As all mothers would know – it is darn hard to feed a kid – and with a sick kid – it’s even harder.  Had we been in Asia – congee or porridge as we called it would be the ideal – but my kid doesn’t like to eat congee at all.   She wouldn’t eat anything – even the soup needs to be a certain kind of soup.  And I thought I was bad and choosy – when it comes to life insurance rates – the kid is much worst with food.


So they didn’t have any vegie soup at Tim Hortons – only chicken noodle soup – so what would you do..??  and nope.. she wouldn’t drink chicken noodle soup.. yes..! what a silly girl right..??  so what did i do to make her drink her soup..??  I LIED..!!!  YES ! I LIED!!  well, i make up a story – i told chloe that the gals at Tims heard that she was sick .. and scrambled around to get some “chinese noodles” into a soup for her.. but they don’t have the exact kinda noodles.. they had to make it in a special shape -butterfly – .. because Chloe is a princess you see.  And that the gals at Tim’s would be very sad .. if she didnt drink it up – so yes – she was trick.. and she drank the soup up and ate all the butterfly pastas.  And Chloe said.. the gals at Tim’s were so nice to her.. she would draw them a picture to thank them.. waahahhahahaha!!!  Mother’s are the GREATEST eh..??  they can cook up any kinda stories just to make their kid eat and drink .. muaahahhaha!!!  i’m evil ..!!  hahaha!!


  1. jenny

    poor Chloe! I just happen to have similar symptoms and got the chicken noodle soup from Tim Hortons. The soup was delicious and I’m also not a congee person. =) hope Chloe feels better soon! Ahh.. I should draw a picture for my server also!

  2. jen

    hahahaha im for sure going to use this trick when i have a kid of my own!! I hope chloe gets well soooon!!

  3. Mei

    Hahah, my friends do the same thing with their eldest child! She’ll say to her, oh your aunty or your sister is going to eat everything… then she’ll shove the food into her mouth… Heheh! Good tactic!

  4. Shirley Loo

    hahhaaa…..MB u so geng!!! such a gud lie can across ur mind hehehee… of coz i oso lied now n then if my son refuse to take pork .. i told him it’s chicken LOL … lil chloe, auntie shirley will pray for ur fully recovery (b4 CNY) … same like kyle, on n off flu haiz ;-(

  5. chriatina

    Well…. just have to let Chloe know that she has to get well before CNY. If not she will miss a lots of good stuff. So she has to be mummy’s good girl!(I know she has been good all the while!)

  6. frances

    Hope little Chloe will get well soon! hahahaaa… it was a good trick to make Chloe drank up all the soup, i would do the same thing with my kids, too! 🙂

  7. mei lee

    oh dear.. now i know how my mom con me into eating and drinking those horrible tea and healthy food when i was younger.. gotta ask my mom!! but good to know chloe been eating.. Just being nosy, who is the other mei, mb? im mei as well.. 😉

  8. hope she is feeling much better now. i can understand totally from a mother’s point of view that sometimes we just have to do it (lie) to get them do something. oh well … that’s the lives of mothers. hehehe

  9. kokoro

    Hi MB, I hope Chloe is much better now. You’re super to think of a story like that to trick Chloe to have her soup. What mothers do for their children!

  10. MeiPY

    Heheh Lina… MeiPY = Mei. Just changed my name in case someone got confused with so many Mei’s la! 🙂

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