During Christmas – Lina – Chloe’s Kai Mah from Singapore – sent me these ingredients for my soup – because she knows that I can’t get some of them here.  So she packed carefully dried oysters and dried scallops and mailed them so generously to me.  I didn’t get a chance to make any soup till this week – because i couldn’t get any lotus roots from this small town.  But Mr R – was so kind – to pick it up for me.. when he was in the city this week – so I hurriedly boiled soup in my slow cooker in the morning and cooked some rice for dinner for Chloe and I.


Chloe loves the soup and ate 2 dinners with the soup.  I usually put in rice and soup for her and fried some luncheon meat to entice her to eat.  I was heavy handed with my dried oysters this time.. so was afraid she won’t drink it.  The day that i boiled the soup was a very, very cold day – we had so much snow.. PB and I spent hours shoveling ourselves outtta the driveway that morning.  School were closed and we only opened store at 1pm, therefore it was quite comforting .. to come home to a boil of soup from home.  Thanks again .. Lina..! your generosity warms not only our heart but our tummy.


  1. Margo

    The soup looks delicious! I have always put in dried octopus but will try it with dried oysters next time as I have just bought some on my visit home to Singapore last month.

  2. Alice Kwek

    Lotus root is my family’s fav soup too! You could try the ABC soup which my boys love. You need 1 carrot, 1 corn, 2 tomatoes, 2 big onions, 6 dried mushrooms, 2 sticks of celery (optional) and 2/3 potatoes plus red dates, dried scallops, you could use chicken or pork ribs.

  3. kokoro

    That is my favourite ‘lor for tong’, MB. Looking at the pictures above reminds me that it has been a long time since I boiled this soup for my family. I must make a pot this weekend.

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