We rarely eat at our local McDonald’s because they really, really sux!  big time!   but since we were getting some free insurance quotes – we decided to head there first.  But the food is not only mediocre – they get your order wrong – don’t give you the proper condiments to go with your food  – charge you wrong and on top of it – no indoor or outdoor playground for the kids.  While other McDonald’s in the city would have renovated at least a few times since I’ve been in Canada – this one refuses to upgrade to a better environment.  But i can’t blame them – why spend more money when the ppl still come and eat and have their kid’s party there.


But we went anyways – because it was PB’s attempt to try and make my Sunday a good one – coz’ i complain A LOT!  that my Sundays are not fruitful.  And of course – they did all the above – as mentioned – Chloe entertained herself with the very little they had there – we ended up half full after spending like almost $9 on a pancake (no butter given) – 2 hashbrowns (that were not ready) – a sausage Mcmuffin (but turned out to be with eggs when we specifically told them no eggs please) and a large coffee because that was the deal they said (but i ended up paying more by $0.50)


While we were there – an employee was mopping the floor and i can understand why she did it at that time – since that was in between breakfast and lunch.  But boy! i wouldn’t want any old folks to be walking in or out because the floor was so wet – you could probably kill yourself if you slip on it.


We brought Chloe’s own milk as you can see – she finished like half a pancake and a bite of the hashbrown and that was it.  So pretty much a big waste.  No i don’t like going to Mcdonald’s in this town.


  1. Lina

    McDonald’s here in Sg is pretty gd & convenient, drive thru for a quick bite for those who’s rushing but i dont patronize them often, except for emergencies 🙂

  2. MeiPY

    Gosh, I think the staff there need more training… Over here, if something went wrong, ppl go to straight to the manager and ask for the Head office’s number! Geez. Definite upgrade needed.

  3. ilovetvb

    The McDonald’s in Hong Kong are awesome. The food is so fresh and so good especially the buns(bread). How could this be when McDonald’s is from the west? I really miss Hong Kong:( and the McDonald’s there.

  4. frances

    Our neighborhood McDonald is like any other fastfood outlets, it ‘s convenient and layout is the same. Same logos, same chairs etc. They have good chicken Mcnuggets,Filet-0-Fish and french fries… food served quickly to you but no customer service.:(

  5. kokoro

    Not a big fan of Maccas myself. Their burgers taste like plastic. Their stores here are very modern and they do upgrade regularly so at least their stores are well-maintained and up-to-date.

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