President’s Choice has a new marinated tofu on the shelf last week – they usually have the ones marinated with teriyaki sauce but they have certainly become a lot more adventurous.   It wasn’t cheap for 2 pieces of tofu .. that I’ll have to say .. at about $ 4.99 – daylight robbery right..?


Back home where one can buy tofu for 0.20cents a piece, i had to debate with myself in the beginning when these tofus came out.  But i gave in to my craving, bit the bullet and never looked back and got hooked onto this kinda tofu.  I think it had been almost a year now.  But the tofu with coconut curry is new..  only a few weeks old.


And the taste .. i hear you asking..?? i must say it was pretty good.. but  more curry gravy would be better.  A little taste of home is better than nothing eh.


  1. kokoro

    Ooo..ooh MB, wouldn’t I love to have a taste of this curry tofu. I don’t get this kind of tofu over here. Very interesting indeed!

  2. snow

    Cool! Tofu curry-something i’ve nvr heard of. I think curry normally have ‘tau pok’ instead of tofu

  3. MeiPY

    Oooh, I want to try this… Curry flavoured tofu sounds interesting. I have to say fried tofu is my fave – nothing beats that!

  4. tofu curry? really never heard of it until I saw this, hmm Tofu in teriyaki sauce? sounds nice. We have plain tofu here in uk, which im very thankful for already, not gonna ask for more!

  5. SmileyAnnie

    Oh honey ; you wasted your money. I’m currently living in New York and tofo cost 2$ for 2 blocks of it and i usually buy a jar of curry sauce and add some coconut milk and some chicken and potato =D delicious ! =D I usually fried the tofu ; i enjoyed that a lot when i was a kid , maybe Chloe will eat it fried =D

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