Some ppl said that bloggers are ppl who has lots to say but no one to listen to – I think i started out blogging this way – hhahhaa!!  But blogging has brought me many valuable friends over the internet – and did you know I met my spouse online some 16 yrs ago?  Yes, yes !  we spoke online for 6 years before coming to Canada and the rest – as they said is history.

I’ve always loved making friends with new bloggers and some you know will turn out to be lifelong friends like Jen Cheung from Toronto.  Jen is a very young and pretty gal – who is not only fashionable but passionate – someone who dares to show you her true color as well as very, very good with her hands.

If you are a fan of this blog – please hop over and show some support to Jen’s blogs and you might find that there are some gems there – from food in toronto – to handicraft work/sale by Jen herself and of course – she also tells you all about her life and her preparation for her upcoming marriage.

Some of you may already know her but nevermind – still can hop over and say hello – leave comments – donch be shy – Jen donch bite.  These are her blogs :

Thanks for your support – new fans get special treatment after saying hello and leaving comments on Jen’s blogs – *wink, wink* – your passport to passwords (donch say i didn’t share with you)


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