As usual, I’m always looking for something new to eat and taste – so when I saw on this  Cafe facebook post that they had Curry Chicken & Vegie Rice, I had to try it.  I got PB to call to ask how spicy it was – since i didn’t see a respond from another person asking.  They said it was spicy but not unbearable – in which PB had replied – I probably wouldn’t think it was spicy.

So $8 and change later – PB came back with the above.  The food was pretty good – but the curry as I had suspected wasn’t spicy – abit more gravy would be nice.  But the rice was awesome – light !  there was a lot of chicken given but I would have preferred more gravy and potatoes but not bad at all.  This food is lebanese style.


  1. kokoro

    Your curry chicken and vegie rice sure looked mouth-watering even though the curry wasn’t spicy. Oh yeah, I also love my potatoes in chicken curry more than the chicken pieces.

  2. shirleyloo

    looks yummy!!! like chinese fried rice with curry chicken … doesnt looks like lebanese oso hehe 😉

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