I’ve been busy as you all can see – between the store – the kid – the school – well – you get where i’m coming from.  Plus, I’m pretty popular with my blogging friends and I get asked a lot of different things on different issues.  Sometimes, I get asked to help to find cherry flavor kit kat and even advice on various things.  Like just the other day – I was asked by a blogging friend about how I chose a pre-school for Chloe.

So here I am throwing this question back to you about an online university.  As you all know – nursing is one of the most respectable occupation here in our small town.  And when a young adult tells me that they want to go into nursing – I’m all for it.  Why?  because with a nursing degree – you can just go anywheres – because there is always work for nurses – in any part of the world.   But what if you are like me a mom and a wife or/and already a nurse but wants a better chance in getting that promotion? someone who is already so busy  but want to make a  change in your life and lifestyle?   What do you think about an online nursing degree ?  Would you succeed?  would your degree be recognized?  can you find time for online studies? what are the times? and many, many other questions – like how would you get help.

What is your take on an online degree – i was asked – just yesterday.  My take ?  Do your research – choose the right online university – and lots of determination and discipline is required – and stay on track.  I’ve seen others do it and it worked for them but if there are others who wants to chime in – please feel free.

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  1. Alice Kwek

    I agree wif u Jan. One has to ensure most importantly, if the degree is recognised. Online learning takes a lot of self discipline, planning and making a lot sacrifices, balancing the roles one has, made worse if one has young children to take care, it calls for adherence to a properly and careful planned schedule.

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