I had told PB that I wasn’t cooking on Sunday because it’s my rest day and on last Sunday – I had a mission and that was to re-arrange my pantry and look into some womens vitamins that i’m keen on buying.  By the way – we have 2 pantries – one for my food and one for PB’s food.. hhahah!!! yes..! kinda crazy..!  but guess what..?? i ended up cooking on Sunday..! because it was sthe only right thing to do .. for Chloe… afterall, she needs wholesome meals right..??


So at 4.30pm on last Sunday.. i started chopping and cooking… and since we haven’t had Emperor’s chicken for so long – i decided to steam some.  It was a 2hrs cooking in low flame – and since i didn’t wanna use a whole chicken..  I decided to get some drumsticks instead.


With whole chicken .. we end up not eating all the chicken.. so i decided that this will do.  But when you are using the herbs meant for this steam chicken.. make sure you don’t use as much paste as i did because it might just turn out to be a bit bitter.. and add some water into it.. because not much came out of these drumsticks.


We also added red dates and wolfberries into the steamed chicken .. for a healthier meal.


And at 5.30pm .. PB helped me cooked some hainanese chicken rice to go with the steamed chicken… so there we had whole home cooked meals for the weekend.  I feel pretty good about it… because I like knowing that i didn’t give junk food to Chloe.

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  1. shirleyloo

    hmm…sure looks gud eh? wat an idea of adding mushrooms into the mixture 😉 I shall try next time too!!! thanks MB 😉

  2. frances

    i must try this recipe someday, it looks so healthy and delicious. Your food pictures always looks beautiful, MB! 🙂

  3. Ella

    hey, by chance I came across your blog when I saw pictures of this wonderful dish. However, I have a question, what are the spices that you have marinated the chicken with?

  4. Sharon

    hihi MB

    directed here by lina, would love to receive a pw from you ^^ i love herbal chicken too! used to DIY them using those ready made packet ^^

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