I don’t drink the regular tea here in Canada – i usually ask for Owl’s 3-in-1 tea – but you see the Asian grocery store isn’t here in Yarmouth but in Halifax and they were outta it – so Mr R – was so kind and went over to Bedford side to get some for me.  Well, they didn’t have Owl’s brand as you can see – so they gave Mr R this instead – which isn’t too bad.  But wait a minute – you must be thinking that this must be loaded with sugar.  YES ! it is .. but before you wag your fingers at me.. and say .. “naughty old fart” … hahahah!!!  i only drink half a pack and not the full one.  Like i said to everyone – having diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t eat or drink anything – you sure can.. but everything in moderation.   I’ve never drank ipoh tea before – so now i know how ipoh tea taste like eh.  I know a few fans here who are originally from Ipoh – i wonder if they would say the same about my instant ipoh tea.


  1. wow, didn’t know you can get Ipoh Oldtown White milk tea all the way in Nova Scotia 😀 Cool 😉 I don’t drink tea so I won’t know how it taste like too. This is the brand of the famous Ipoh OldTown White coffee which has many modern-style kopitiam in the whole country 😀 Perhaps you would like their 3 in 1 coffee. Very nice of Mr. R 😀

  2. shirleyloo

    ahhhh….oldtown indeed a great brand MB.. agree with Barb…their coffee lagi best!! my everyday breakfast place hehe…. this Mr R really ‘yau sum yau lik’… 😉

  3. kokoro

    That is very good tea! Yeah, the best way to have it is just to make a cuppa using half a packet. I find them rather sweet too using a whole packet of the tea for a cup.

  4. mona p.

    i drink that too!!! they have different taste as well. MB, u should tried the hazelnut one!

  5. keen

    Yay…I agree with everyone here that Ipoh Oldtown is a very popular brand everywhere. My fav. is the hazelnut. Really got ooomp!!!

  6. Daisy

    Hi Mama Bok!
    I love tea! This is one of my favorites but the healthier one is Owl. 🙂
    Take Care and Have A Great Day!

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