You all know that I’m keen to try any new food and so since a new cafe in town opened up -this is not the first time – I’ve tried their food.  They have their daily special put up on Facebook – unfortunately, it does not explain exactly what type of food it is – so i had to google it before i ordered.  The other day – they had beef shawarma, hommus (this i know) and Fatouche salad (this i also knew).   I know you are wondering why i couldn’t call to ask what kinda food it was – well, i did a few times – but they didn’t really know how to explain nor upsell their food – i’m guessing it’s because it’s quite popular and new – so they are sold out every lunch time – so their customer service – well – lets say – it’s much to be desired.   Anyhow, I was actually looking for mac memory when i got hungry and called last minute and they had enough to make one order.How was the food..??  not bad at all – it was something different but nothing to really shout about.  Would i eat it again – sure .. but not too soon eh.    For $7.95 + tax – one can’t really ask for too much eh.

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