Mcdonalds in this town must be poor – we went thru’ the drive thru’ ordering a burger and some fries for a snack and I had asked for those new Zesty mango sauce to dip with my fries – and guess what?  they want to charge us $0.11 .. muahhahahha!!!  that’s too funny!  usually when Chloe orders her happy meal, we get one and throw them out because she wouldn’t eat it  – and now they wanna charge us – $0.11 ..???  I can understand that they want to prevent ppl from wasting stuff but c’mon !!!   So my deduction..?? the Mcdonalds here must be poor – afterall, this is the only Mcdonalds that doesn’t have a children’s playground indoor or outdoors – nor do they provide Wi-fi like the ones in Halifax.  Holy Moly!  poor management.! especially when you see how bad the birthday parties for the kids are being planned.


  1. Mamabok,
    not only that mcd charges 11cent. here in toronto, most of the mcdonald here change for sauces too. except of course ketchup. here they charge for nugget sauce, mayo, extra sauce on the burger or even extra lettuce, cheese and etc !!

  2. frances

    Charging customers for extra sauces? I guess Mcdonalds ‘s getting greedy and bad for their business.

  3. Lina

    We’re lucky here in Sg, no charges for all sauces, u can get as many as u want. However in countries like in Switzerland, i was charged 20 cents per packet for chilly sauce 🙁

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