I’m constantly looking for healthy stuff to eat because of my diabetes, just like PB looking out for free seo tool to help the people who are hosting with us.  My quest to share healthy and edible diabetic snack had been very fruitless.  Take for example this bag of pita puffs that i found at the local supermarket – they are not cheap – at $3 a packet but i still bought it to give it a try.  The first bite, i already know that it would be really hard to stomach – unlike eating BBQ chips – not like i eat a lot of chips.  Whenever i do eat chips.. i only take a few chips to satisfy my craving – but still i want to find something healthier because i know not everyone can eat in moderation.  This pita puffs contains no sugar but it was dry and horrid in taste – so i definitely don’t recommend it for anyone.


  1. soofen

    oh dear~sounded sad~
    My father must have felt the same whenever he’s craving for delicious food~

  2. sarah

    hey mamabok, can you add my mom’s IP address so she can watch chinese movie? thank you very much!

  3. KayT

    Hey MamaBok,
    have you ever tried stevia? it can be used as a sugar substitute, and alot of people with diabetes use it. Also, I read that guava is quite good for people with diabetes!! I’m in toronto, and we get guava in our chinatown, I dont’know where you can get it where you live though. Hope this helps!

  4. Jeffrey

    Where did you find these snacks?!?! OH MY GOODNESS! They are my favourite treat in the world, I won’t even start to begin on how wrong you are with your review 🙂 Please include the location in your next time posting, I would love to find these! Three dollars is a bargain for these, i’d pay nearly 5 dollar’s a bag if I could find them :D:D:D

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