Most “ang mohs” that I’ve come across – always knows how to cook.  Unlike my brothers or some of my school friends who never left home during the time when i went to college – but stayed home where mom can be closed – they are usually the spoiled ones (during my time).  But isn’t it pleasing to a woman’s eye, when you see a man cook?  regardless whether he is chinese, ang mohs or of other ethnic group?   The french – well – all that i’ve come across – loves food and loves cooking – so they go without saying were my favorites.

The above pork chop wasn’t cooked for me or by me  – PB’s brother was cooking it one day while we were out visiting.  Meticulously, he would cooked and eat his food without a word – when he is hungry – well most time i think PB’s mother cooked lah.  But it’s nice to know that he will survived with or without his mother around – moreso, in this generation – i have to make sure Chloe knows how to do the same too – because when she goes away for college – she needs to be able to take care of herself.  What do you think?  will you be teaching your kids – to cook – so that they won’t be spoiled?

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  1. frances

    i count myself as one of the lucky gal because my hubby loves to cook,he enjoys cooking more than me for real. Everytime he is in the kitchen cooking dinner meals for the family, i usuallly clean up the mess afterward no complaint! 🙂

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