Jenny had sent this postcard all the way from Western Australia when she was on vacation – which i received a few weeks ago – but didn’t even have the time to post it up.    Wasn’t she sweet to think of us even when she was on vacation.  This blog has brought me many wonderful people from around the world and they are always so kind and thoughtful to us.   The postcard is of CApe Leeuwin Lighthouse – I haven’t been there but Jenny – we have lots of lighthouses here in Nova Scotia too – I haven’t been to all but there is one near our town – John’s Cove – another famous one is near the city called Peggy’s Cove.   The next time I’m in these places I’ll be thinking of Jenny too.   Thank you for your postcard – i show everyone who comes into our store – and they all think you are so kind.

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  1. Lina

    Oh yes, Jenny is indeed very thoughtful & sweet. She sent me one too. She’s one of those whom i got to know through this blog & we’re still corresponding via email 😛

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