It’s that time of the year  – with Tim Hortons – the roll up the rim contest is when you buy a drink – coffee or tea – you roll up the rims and then you can check if you won anything.  Usually you win a coffee or a donut – I haven’t won anything big so far but I do get my free coffee.  When I first came to Canada – i usually give away the free coffees or donuts to the employees – PB usually think i am crazy – but i figured I didn’t need the coffee or donut that much since i couldn’t take any sugar and my coffee i couldn’t take more than 1 cup a day – while i do my daily  online backup .

I’ve heard of people winning cash $1000 and some said they won tvs but not here in this town but in Toronto – obviously because they have more ppl there that drinks more coffee i am guessing.  Do people drink more coffee with the roll up the rim contest on ?  I think so – but me – i drink my usual 1 cup a day and never more.  What about you?  do you drink a lot of coffee..??  how much sugar and cream do you take..??  i have a medium coffee with 1 cream – absolutely  no sugar – else i can’t drink it – and i have had to return some coffee initially but not anymore now because everyone at Tim’s knows that this crazy chinese woman is diabetic. muahahah!!


  1. shirleyloo

    sounds interesting n fun leh … me i usually had ice black coffee with sugar at Oldtown White Coffee… cant take creamer that much coz lactose intolerance lah … 1 cup a day is a good antioxidant drink for us!! 😉

  2. frances

    My morning cup of coffee is added with cream & sugar for the extra kick.. one cup will keep me awake for the morning commute rush. I recently tried the Starbucks Via instant coffee, it tastes really good… it’s kind of convenience & save me trips to the coffee shop. 🙂

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