Who needs expensive ice cream when you can buy a box of sugar cones for $0.99 cents a tub of ice cream for less than $5 and still enjoy it tremendously.   We used to go out and get soft serve ice cream in Hebron during summer and spend close to 10 bucks for 2 ice cream cones – must more expensive than buying a new blackhead extractor – and the sugar cones lasted good for days.  Most cones they get soften and taste bad after a few days .. but not these sugar cones by local no name brand from Sobeys.


See a perfectly happy kid with a happy cone.


  1. MeiPY

    🙂 I so agree. My mum did the same when I was younger. Plus you get to choose the flavour you all like!

  2. shirleyloo

    I did the same too … coz for kyle mostly he will only eat the cone instead of ice cream hehe ….

  3. ilovetvb

    I loved soft serve ice cream on the cone when I was little. Now I go for the soft serve yogurt on the cone. It is not the same as buying your own cone and tub of ice cream. But I agree that it saves lots of $$.

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