Last week, since Chloe spent a lot of days at her grandparents – i didn’t need to cook for her – so i decided to take a breather – and order some take out.  But days of having wanton soup and egg rolls can be quite “jerlat” (tiring) – so i called the Zhu’s up and asked if she can make me a side order of sweet & sour pork (kow low york) and a bowl of rice.    The Zhu’s only charged me $3 dollars for a whole bowl of sweet and sour pork and a bowl of rice and you all know that is way too little.  The food was good and the next day i tried to give them more money for the sweet and sour pork but they won’t take it.  You see PB had gone to collect the take out for me – and he never argues  – the cashier tells the price – he just give it to them.  The Zhus are really nice to us – I don’t know how to thank them to be honest.  I’m just grateful for good ppl from both near and far – especially when there are so many bad ones we see at work.


  1. frances

    a true friendship is one of the nicest things one can have in life.. it’s little things we do to comfort & make each other smile.. mb,you are good people,too! 🙂

  2. MeiPY

    Awww. the Zhu’s are so lovely la! I wish my local Chinese take away at work could do the same… They only give me free prawn crackers, heheh.

  3. kokoro

    One good thing deserves another. MB, you are a nice person in the first instance. My mother used to say ‘treat people in the way that you would like them to treat you’. BTW, your place of boiled rice and sweet sour pork looked absolutely scrumptious! It is making me drool just looking at it right now!

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