Grilled Chicken Burger & Onion Rings

Eating wanton soup and an egg roll everyday can get very tiring sometimes – so sometimes – i get something different for lunch – and today – I ordered a grilled chicken burger and onion rings from a local place.  I haven’t eaten their grilled chicken burger for a long, long time – because previously … [Read more…]

Sisters Of Pearl

A new show airing on 3rd May 2010 – replacing Suspects in Love  – Sisters of Pearl has 28 episodes in total and the synopsis is below. Lot of good actors and actresses and I love Jessica Hsuan – so I’m pretty sure – lunch will come with this show from next week.   Leave a … [Read more…]

1 Million Visitors !

Thank you everyone who’ve visited Ice Cube Junkie and followed my journey of food and movies synopsis.  This blog has hit 1 million and 54 visitors as of today – I thank you for your support and hope you continue to visit everyday.  For those who are in love with food and movies – you … [Read more…]

Blueberry Muffin

A few weeks ago, I told you that Chloe’s new school had requested that they bring only healthy snacks to school right?  So yes, we are still at it – apparently – they make the kids mark down what they bring for snacks *roll eyes*.  So we have been giving her granola bars, strawberries, fruit … [Read more…]

Crazy About Fruits

Yes ! i know you know i like fruits.. they say fruits is the best   acne medicine and you know that i can’t take too much of it – and you also know that if i can help it – i rather eat fruits anytime than chips or chocolate.  But – it’s pretty ironic – … [Read more…]

Fly With Me & A Dinner Date

Airing Date: April 19, 2010 Notable: Replacing: A Fistful of Stances (2010) Episodes: 25 Synopsis: LEUNG HAU-CHI (Choi Siu Fun, Ada), a career woman in her 30s, has all the attributes of a typical Hong Kong girl – fussy, arrogant and easily irritated by the sight of beautiful young ladies. She is desperate for love … [Read more…]

Organic Pineapple

Fruits are darn expensive in Canada – especially those you cannot get around here – just a simple whole pineapple like this cost $6 + tax !!! it was crazy! but you know i have a craving for fruits and it’s a lot better than trying to eat chocolates or chips right?  So i shrug … [Read more…]