So we went up to Digby for a change – on Sunday and also to celebrate my birthday.  We had planned to go see the Farmer’s market that was advertised at their new location.  But alas, the Farmer’s Market was disappointing with only a few vendors – in fact – one of PB’s aunt was there selling home made jam & jelly and fudge. We didn’t buy any because we are not big fans of jelly or jam – but Aunt Yvette insisted that we have a fudge each – we took one.


So we saw this quaint little cafe – called A Little Taste of Heaven – now how can we not eat there right?  plus half the Digby was still very sleepy and not many shops open on Sunday.  Plus A Little Taste Of Heaven had free Wifi – woohoo! chance to test out our iPod Touch.


The cafe must be pretty new – the decor was pretty decent – but what caught our eyes was this handwritten chalk board – so very beautifully written with the food we can get to eat.


And another one – i was definitely tempted to try the omelet but instead ordered a steak – since it was so cheap at $10.95.


They even have Bingo game here – definitely – a good way to attract the customers on a quiet Monday night.


Nice decor too inside the cafe


Nice decor around the cafe, I’ll have to say.


This was the steak i had.  How was it ..??  I told the waitress/owner’s daughter – that it was a challenge to try and eat it.  The steak was too fatty and too chewy – my jaws hurt for the next 48 hrs – hahahahha!!! the potatoes were too dry and i don’t really want to eat a lot of butter , my only consolation was the onions were well caramelized.  They  had no ice tea – the drink of the day i wanted.


PB ordered fish and chips of course – because the lil’ brat wouldn’t eat anything – so PB gave her a few mouthful of fish and that was it. Of course, she ate the fries ! hahaha!


Obligatory father and daughter’s picture.


We did have some desserts – afterall, they all looked so tempting.


PB & Chloe had a cookie and I had a coconut cream pie which i took 2 bites and took the rest home.  Overall, it was an ok experience and yes i will go back but this time no steak eh.. hahahah!!


  1. MeiPY

    Meals look really appetising! Chewy steak is not very good – I always go for medium rare…

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