Everyone loves the Aunt who can cook and bake – unfortunately, I will not be a very good aunt to anyone – for i’m not good at cooking nor baking.  But I have lots of love for the nieces and nephews – i love buying other stuff for them – but nothing like the aunt who feeds you eh.   Aunt Helena definitely can cook and bake and like most “ang mohs” they make everything from scratch.


Aunt Helena was cooking cabbage rolls that day – we didn’t stay for supper – since we just dropped in to say hi at Grammie’s but it was fun watching her cook.  I didn’t know that Cabbage rolls had mushrooms in them and i love mushrooms – just about any kind of mushrooms in fact.  Be it button mushrooms or shitake mushrooms – bring it on.


I also received a belated birthday gift from Aunt Helena – a box of chocolate – hahaha!!  yes ! and you know who is gonna benefit from the present eh.


And a shower gel – pineapple flavor – yums!  i’m guessing a lot of people must think i need a shower – hahahah!! even Barb from Malaysia sent me some the Body Shop – hahahah!!  Do you have an aunt who can cook a storm…??  i used to have a GrandAunt who can cook just about anything – you see she is Peranakan  – yes the ones who wears sarong kebaya – but that’s another story for another day.


  1. Im no ang moh but living in Uk for so long d ah, I also enjoy cooking from scratch, its fun and satisfying when you see the final product!! I love mushrooms too, planning to make wild mushroom soup from scratch soon!! My colleague bought me a hand blender to make lo, Ill share if it works out-lah 😀

  2. shirley loo

    wat a great aunt u had mb…peranakan is my new fave food since d last time i visited malacca..

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