A few weeks ago while looking at some advert from  nordictrac,  a huge box from Body Shop came for me – PB asked if i ordered anything from Body Shop and I said no.  I was a bit surprised to – because the box was mailed from Canada and it was too early i thought for anyone to remember it was my birthday.


So I opened the box up and inside was a note to show me who the sender was – it was Barb, Ashley and her hubby Andy – who ordered it from a Canadian website for Body Shop.  So it wasn’t too early to think of me – in fact – Barb had it carefully planned so it arrived before my birthday.  They were shower cream and butter cream to help me relax – I’m guessing Barb thinks I am very stress.  So now whenever i use the shower cream – i will be smiling at the private joke I had with Barb and a few other friends on FB. *wink, wink* –  Thank you so much Barb/Andy and dear Ashley – you really didn’t have to spend so much money on me.  I already appreciate you for being you – and always the silent listener to my daily life.  Thank you for being such a great friend – Barb!


  1. shirley loo

    nice thoughts n pressie Barb!!! MB sure need to relax eh?? she worked too hard for all of us here ;-D

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