Life is really short – but when you have good friend/s – not just good – but those that understands you and those who genuinely care – and shares the same values with you and supports them – I die with no regrets.  I was doing my  fast weight loss pills reviews when I sat thinking of the many wonderful people I’ve met.   I’ve met many people in my life – at 45 –  I’ve traveled a lot for work and some are just acquaintances and some – they just pass thru’ your life.  In any kind of friendship – I try my best to keep in contact – I try my best to give my all – but some friendship – just comes so naturally and more uniquely – people that i’ve met only online.  I firmly believed in online relationships – be it friendship or for me – I met PB online – but that’s another story for another day.  So with that experience – i know there are genuine people out there – just like PB – when i first met him online 16 yrs ago.

True Friendship is not about presents – friendship is not about money – friendship is not about how much you received or how much you give (well- that’s my definition anyway) – friendship is about being there for someone when they need you – friendship is about understanding the need to give the other person space. Friendship is not about your needs – friendship is being steadfast – friendship is about not taking advantage of another person’s kindness – friendship is about mutual trust/honesty/integrity – friendship is about being accountable – friendship is being able to strike a balance between giving and receiving anything – be it moral support, advice or sharing.  True friendship is about being able to count on that person always and sharing your darkest and deepest secrets.  BUT having said all that – friendship comes in different level – you cannot expect all the above with a newly met friend lah.

I die with no regrets – because I’ve met true friendship – in fact not one or two person but quite a few – what about you?  It’s not the presents I received but it’s the thought behind it – and on my birthday – this came from Chloe’s Kai Mah all the way from Singapore – a cardigan.  I treasure this friendship – not because of the presents both Chloe and I received from Lina – but because she is someone I can trust, look up to and confide in – someone who expects nothing in return – like my other good friend – Barb.  Thank you for your friendship – today at 45 – i can boldly say I die with no regrets – because of all of you – you all have made me a better person – you all have made me very happy.  I treasure my friendship with a lot of people but some – it was just not meant to be – i wished them nothing but the best – but when it comes to my sanity and health – I choose to lose some – but keep those who are dearest to me.


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