A few weeks ago, I told you that Chloe’s new school had requested that they bring only healthy snacks to school right?  So yes, we are still at it – apparently – they make the kids mark down what they bring for snacks *roll eyes*.  So we have been giving her granola bars, strawberries, fruit to go, grapes, apples and muffins.  But we checked the chocolate muffin and there were lots of sugar in it – and saw that the blueberry muffin had half of the sugar of the chocolate – so we explained to Chloe why we had to get blueberry muffins instead – and she agreed.


Not very much blueberries as you can see – and they were mini muffins and we gave Chloe 2 of these to bring – but she wasn’t too keen with it – but she ate it all because she said she was hungry – hahah!  so from now on – we know we can starve the brat and give her everything that is healthy.  And i’m darn proud to report that I’ve been cooking for Chloe everyday for lunch  – fresh – nothing leftovers and she seems to be eating more too this week – so I’m happy.


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