Ang Mohs love their chicken pies and there are quite a few decent ones to be found in town but of course – we don’t have the luxury of running out to get one fresh one everytime we want to eat one – so the ang mohs have to  buy frozen ones and nuke them when they wanna eat them.

I used to like chicken pie before coming to Canada – but the problem with me is – i still crave for noodles after eating my chicken pie – so cannot right?   So i usually stick to my rice and noodles and leave the chicken pies to the ang mohs.  M & M Meat shop flyers are always gorgeous looking – but their packaging are as plain as can be and they are made so that you can see what is inside of the white boxes.  I must say that they do have some pretty good stuff.  But the local M & M Meat Shop here don’t really up sell their stuff and if we weren’t adventurous enough – we won’t even know that there were like the chicken sticks or the Alfredo Bites or the Belgium Cream Puff.  Anyhow, if you have a M & M Meat Shop and wonder what it is all about – it’s a place where everything is cooked and frozen – but don’t expect them to start recommending good eats – you’ve gotta ask for it yourself.


  1. kokoro

    My children love pies..meat pies..chicken pies..etc. but for me I don’t really like pies all that much although I don’t mind sinking my teeth into a spicy, hot curry chicken pie occasionally. That’s about the only pie I fancy really. A lot of times I get those frozen pies too as the kids get just nuke them when they want one so easy…peesy, right?

  2. frances

    I never had eaten a chicken pie before… wonder what it taste like. Occasionly,I do buy sweet pies, my favorite are pumpkin & apple pies. I just buy them frozen from Trader’s Joe and bake them when we want eat pie for dessert. 🙂

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