Yes ! i know you know i like fruits.. they say fruits is the best   acne medicine and you know that i can’t take too much of it – and you also know that if i can help it – i rather eat fruits anytime than chips or chocolate.  But – it’s pretty ironic – because I still put on weight like nobody’s business – LOL!  but at 45  – i guess exercise is just as important as eating right.   And fruits are darn expensive here – because cut fruits like this – is taxable.  But when you buy fruits that are not cut or package – there is no tax on them.  Crazy eh..??

Chloe loves fruits too – but only certain kinds – strawberry, grapes, apple, plums – dried mangoes – and some banana.  She refuses to eat others like watermelon or strawberry  – the ang moh – well he rarely eats fruits preferring to save his calories for chocolate.  I don’t stop him because he is a big boy and i refuse to be his mother.  What about you ..?? do you restrict your spouse from eating junk..??


  1. ES

    I read from somewhere that it is healthier to eat fruits freshly cut. That is, when you are going eat, you cut and eat it.

    May I know what fruits are locally grown over where you are?

    I find fruits, eg strawberry, peaches, etc in the west and Australia are really nice! They are so fresh and sweet! Those we find in S’pore is always sour and expensive (in our standard).

  2. Hi Mamabok,

    I love my fruits too. But never pre-cut ones I heard like the above comment, it’s healthier to eat them fresh. I usually have a bowl of fruits on my desk at wrk. As if I open a fresh fruit stall or something.

    No I dont restrict my half from eating them. Not that I have one at present. Eat everything in moderation.

  3. Yeah…I do agree that freshly cut fruit are probably better & cheaper than pre-cut ones!

    And yes, I do try to restrict my other half from junk food sometimes even though I am just as guilty for overindulging in sinful food. But hey, I am not the one who is putting on weight from all that extra calories. He is! ;P

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