This wasn’t made by me – haha!  this was a project from Chloe and Grammie.  Yes! they do lots of things when Chloe visits on Saturdays and holidays.  Today while going to school in the morning, she told us that Grammie taught her to knit but not the fancy stuff she said – just a straight line.  She said she was going to knit a scarf for PB – because i already am wearing a scarf  and she can’t do her toque that Grammie knit for her every year – because Grammie only taught her how to knit one way.  It was very hard work she said – hahhaa!!  I didn’t managed to take a better picture of it because it was pretty late when we got home that nite and I didn’t want to tempt the lil’ brat else she would wanna eat it that nite.

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  1. MeiPY

    That’s so cool having a cupcake in a cone. Never seen that before!
    I started knitting at Chloe’s age – but I can only make scarves and hats 😀

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