Another eating milestone for Chloe – she finally decided to try a Granola Bar last week and loved it.  So now we have another alternative for snack food on the go and also for her snack break in school.  But my worry is – if the Granola Bar is healthy? because we all know that some of these granola bars are packed with sugar – in fact I can’t eat the granola bar because of the amount of sugar there is in them.

Plus next week, Chloe’s school requires that they bring only healthy snacks for the next few days – so only fruits, pretzels and popcorn (nuts and dried fruit are also healthy – but she don’t eat them).  But if anyone got any other suggestions – please feel free to share eh.


  1. ES

    Hmmm…my almost 4 yr-old daughter has been eating cereal bars. My husband eats them when he cycles. They are sweet too. But guess not that unhealthy. We don’t buy those chocolate ones as they will melt.

  2. M

    That is great you loves eating Granola bars. Does she like dried seaweed? That is healthy and full of nutrients!

  3. frances

    Does Chloe like Fruit-on-Top Yogurts. It comes in 2-parts combo:the top contains real, whole fruits lightly sweetened with honey and the bottom cup contains unsweetened plain yogurt.They taste really good!

  4. Michele

    Quake Oats granola bars are pretty good as far as being healthy. I don’t think they are so high in calories or sugar. You can have her try those. The chocolate and smores flavors are good. They even have some that are low in calories, but I prefer the regular ones.

    Like someone else mentioned, yogurt is good. There are many different kinds: gogurt (comes in little packages) and danimals (comes in bottles to drink). They are quite tasty and made for kids, but I like them too. 🙂

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