It is that time of the year again – where i’m totally blessed to received bags and bags of home grown organic baby bok choi from Chloe’s grampie.  Yes – in fact I have been having them for a few weeks now – but it was only on today – i got to eat some of them  – no time to cook specially just for myself.  I gave some of course to the Zhus – today and they loved it.   For those who are not aware of this – I am known as Mama Bok because of these baby bok choi.  Many years ago, when i first started writing blogs – Chloe’s grampie’s bok choi was what inspired me to write down everything.  I named my first blog in honor of Chloe’s grampie’s bok choi.  Yes, he grew them for me because i missed home food very much.   I am grateful!  like i am to everyone who tries to send me food from home.    By the way – I asked Chloe’s grampie to grow me some watercress – so chloe and i can have watercress soup everyday – muahahha!


  1. shirleyloo

    when i see the the vege, i almost blurted out “tats MB!!” hahaaa….so sweet of ur DIL eh?? 😉

  2. frances

    nothing can beat home grown fruits and vegies, they taste fresh and full of flavor… here in town, we have the Saturday Farmers’s Market meet once a week, we can buy organic eggs, fruits & vegies… it ‘s lot of fun! 🙂

  3. ilovetvb

    You are one lucky gal to have fresh home grown vegetables. I am so jealous. Home grown watercress is a great idea. Enjoy!

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