Cabin Coffee @ Downtown Halifax

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We were up early the next morning – when we were up in the city about 3 weeks ago – for my doctor’s appointment, we had a very light breakfast in the hotel.  The hotel coffee shop’s staff were very kind and made a pancake for chloe even though they didn’t have it on the breakfast menu.  But because we were so anxious to get to the hospital in time – we didn’t get to eat very much but  I’m grateful to the hotel’s staff though.  So after our eye appointment –  we headed back to the hotel, parked our car thru’ the valet and took a short walk to Cabin Coffee.


Chloe was just too happy to be outta the hospital – it was a boring wait – 2 hrs.


They have very colorful and comfy chairs outside the cafe – if you just wanna enjoy the sun and the people walking by.


Chloe & teddy  trying out the lounge chairs.


Cabin Coffee is a very vibrant little cafe – there was a line up when we arrived and not much seating – but by the time we finished ordering our food – there were people leaving – so we were able to get a huge sitting place – and darn comfy.


Love their chandelier!  I want one too!


Love the decor of the cafe !  the color reminds me of our old store at 308 Main Street – but feng shui dictates that not all store can thrive in this color – but as you can see – this cafe is doing extremely well.


A mandatory silly post with daddy and daughter.


I ordered a tuna melt on whole wheat & a coffee for take – out because it was pretty crowded when we first came – we figured we would bring it back to the hotel and eat at the rooftop where the scenery was awesome – but that would be for another day and another post.  The tuna melt was yummy and so was the coffee – i won’t mind this instead of Tim’s every morning – if we lived in Halifax.


I love anything on chalkboard – so old school charm – can’t get enough of it.


PB had a cinnamon bun thing but it was a lot bigger when he began – i just took this picture at the end.


Chloe had a chocolate muffin and of course she didn’t finished it.


And they are a hotspot cafe – so if you can go on the internet if you are with Aliant here, if you don’t you can pay a minimal fee – and go online.  We enjoyed this place very much – the staff were friendly and they let chloe roam the cafe – and look for things and let me take a million pictures.  Cabin Cafe is at Hollis Street – next to the Sheraton Four Points and walking distance from the Courtyard Marriott where we stayed for this visit.

Sushi Nami @ Downtown Halifax

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Yes! yes..!! i know ..! i know..!! i’m such a slacker and i know you’ve all been waiting to see what i’ve eaten when I was up in the city about 4 weeks ago.  Well, as you all know we always go to Dharma Sushi when we are up in Halifax but this trip – we decided to try everything new – even the hotel that we stayed in this time was a new hotel altogether – but that would be a story for another day.  So we were in Halifax and looking for tea tree oil for acne for a customer’s kid – when we chance upon this sushi restaurant – and i think we struck gold here because not only was the food awesome the service was very friendly.  I’ll explain to you in a bit why i think so.


Sushi Nami has it own webpage as you can see and this restaurant is situated in downtown Halifax in Dresden Row – but they have two other location if you are not in downtown and I’m pretty sure they are as good as this one – if not better.


The restaurant was pretty full even though it was a Sunday in downtown Halifax – which was practically a ghost town on the street – therefore I didn’t take much inside pictures of the restaurant. You can park at the underground carpark next the restaurant or wait like we did and gave up – after 15 mins – and parked underground instead.  Btw – Pete’s Frootique is just beside this restaurant – so you can’t missed it.


We ordered a special udon for Chloe without any greens as you can see in this picture – because you all know how fussy the kid is.


She slurped it up but didn’t finished the plate – we doggie bag the rest back to the hotel.


I had the mandatory miso soup of course!


Followed by a plate of sweet potato tempura – PB’s favorite.


Then my Agedashi tofu came – i had asked the wait staff if the chef can make me some chawanmushi – but alas, the cannot accommodate.  But that’s alright – afterall, they were really busy and they didn’t have it on the menu.   The Agedashi tofu was the only dish that wasn’t quite close to what i had expected but still pretty good.


Followed by teriyaki chicken for PB – he said it was really good.


I was torn in between getting deluxe sushi dinner or the fusion special – and i ended up getting this Sushi Nami House Royale with tuna.  It was yummmmyliicious!!  and when i asked for more ginger – they gave me a whole plateful – so generous.


All the food served were quick and excellent presentation and we just had to have dessert – even though i’m diabetic – i had to have the mochi ice cream.  It was yam, mango and red bean flavor and all of us shared it – even Chloe said that it was awesome!


Sushi Nami is gonna to be one of our regular haunts from now on – because the dinner came to about $50 something dollars – the wait stuff was attentive and when we said it was pretty warm where we were sitting – she turned down the temperature and was absolutely awesome to Chloe.


Dinner was so good, we all didn’t ask for supper – that nite – we were filled up and a doggie bag of fried udon left.  Happy campers we were that nite.

Burger King @ New Minas

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So a few weeks ago – we headed up to the city, bringing my colonix review with me and whenever we do – we try to stop at New Minas for our Burger King fix.  Yes ! sad ! we don’t have a Burger King in this small town and truth be told – i prefer the burger at BK than Mac’s but I prefer the french fries at Mac’s and not BK.  And i’ve gotta remember this burger king does not have an indoor playground but the Macdonald’s at New Minas do have one.


We arrived at 2.30pm and we were very hungry then – our meal came up to about $15 and it was a pretty good meal.  PB had a junior whopper and Chloe had the chicken meal and the Iron Man 2 toy came with it.  She loved her toy for that day.


I had a whopper because i wasn’t thinking straight – hahahah!!  because the burger was huge!!!   I couldn’t have finished it.  But mannnn..!! it was so good..! i finished it.. every last morsel of it.


Yummy or what!!!!  C’mon !!! someone open a burger king already in Yarmouth!!!


This was PB’s plain burger.. because he didn’t want anything with it.


How was the service..?? not bad at all – friendly and pretty young crew – but overall – not bad.


It was pretty crowded at Burger King – so i didn’t stay to look thru’ the menu but took a few pictures – and had forgotten to take one of the outside – next time I will remember.  For those who are not aware of this .. I grew up eating Macdonald’s and Burger King and when Delifrance came to town – i ate Delifrance a lot.

Sweet & Sour Fish Canadian Style

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s&S fish

A few weeks ago – i was craving for Sweet & Sour Fish – from home – so i picked up the phone and called the Zhu’s from New Century Restaurant at Main Street, Yarmouth – if they could cook me a small portion of it.  I cannot asked for a better friend and business associate because the Zhu’s are just about the best people I’ve met since coming to Canada.  Well, truth be told almost all the business people i’ve met here are pretty good – humble, honest and definitely professionals who are passionate about their business except one or two – who are petty, crooks and a bit crazy at times.


Anyhow, the Zhu’s accommodated of course – even though they were really busy.  It wasn’t the same kinda sweet and sour fish i was used to back home – but the fish was really fresh and if i didn’t already have other things to go with my dinner – i probably could have finished at least half.   But you see the next day we headed out to the city and I really felt bad to waste it – so i have them frozen.  Plus the Zhu’s charged me so cheap for them – i couldn’t just throw them out.  So if you want good chinese food – go to New Century Restaurant @ Main Street – my preference anyways.  Now if you are from another business – don’t huff and puff now – like a puffer fish – i’m entitled to my opinion eh.

The Man Who Cooks

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In our household – I cooked all the chinese food – but that doesn’t mean that PB doesn’t cook – you see I never have to cook for him.  But if any western food needs to be cooked in our household – he does it.  From beef stew to potatoes and french toasts – he does it.  But you see, i sometimes get sick or am busy too – for my acne treatments , so what do one do?  We trained the man to cook – our chinese food too.. muahahahah!!


If my mother was staying with me – she would think that I have it made – you see – in our culture – the man don’t have to be in the kitchen.  They also do not need to wash dishes or scoop their own bowl of rice – nor do anything – well – that was in my mother’s house.  My father – needed to be served !!!  yes ! you heard me right SERVED!!!!   but nope – PB never asked for a cup of water from me ever – not that i would mind – but he is pretty much – a do it yourself guy.  What about your household..??   Are there still families who needs to “serve” their husband and their in-laws?

Cooking & Cleaning With Your Kids

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I’m sure I told you – my mom never let us do anything in the kitchen – firstly, she was too busy and secondly, i secretly thinks, she was afraid we might break something in the kitchen.  But having said that – she wouldn’t let us touch anything – from the phone to the tv and even the treadmill in the recreation room when we were kids.  So I told myself – when i was very young, I would never do this to my kids.

But you see when you grow older and you have responsibilities you then know the real reason why your mothers didn’t want you to do anything in the kitchen.  Why? because at times, i catch myself telling Chloe – that she should just let me cook or wash up quickly – so that i can go and finish my other tasks.  I am very vigilant about this – and make sure I let Chloe cook and wash whenever she wants – so that we can bond – she doesn’t really clean or cook but she is always very happy when she thinks she is helping out and what better way to teach your kids responsibilities and to share your day with her then now.


As you can see – Chloe is darn serious about her “job” – she wants to be a real mama’s helper – and thanks to Auntie CY and Rachel Jeh Jeh from UK who made it possible by sending her a special kid’s apron and cook hat last Christmas.  As you can see here – she just loved her outfit and never fails to put them on – when she is being mama’s helper for the day.

So moms and dads – make time for your kids – they don’t stay this young forever – you don’t want to miss these special moments with them.  And you know what? when Chloe is older – she will learn how to build computers – man the store and do lots of other things with us.

French Toast & Turkey Bacon For Mother’s Day

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Yes! yes!  I’m so backlogged – but i did tell you – i was up to my eyeball with work right – not only was the store busy – my online work was steady.  And for Mother’s Day this year – PB made me some French toast with cinnamom and syrup – without me asking him to – he just did it.  So sweeeettt right..??


And some turkey bacon of course – i haven’t eaten the regular bacon for years now – it’s easier on the health i think.   I had a late breakfast and an early dinner – and we had dinner at PB’s parents – but that’s for another day and another story eh.  So what did you have for breakfast on Mother’s day?

Mysteries Of Love

Organic Potatoes

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You all know that Chloe’s grampie grows his own peas, carrots, corn and many different things right?  What we didn’t know was he grew his own potatoes too.  You see – Chloe always complains that she didn’t finished her lunch of potatoes because our potatoes isn’t as good as GRAMMMIEEEE’S.  We even gave her real butter for her potatoes but nope still wasn’t good enough.  Then one day – when PB was chatting with Grammie – we found out that Grampie grew his own potatoes !!!  now we know!!!  So we asked Grammie for some potatoes and PB asked for some small ones because chloe only need very little for her lunch.  And see how small the potatoes were as compared to a regular one on the top. hahahahah!!  But yes ! chloe did finish her potatoes – the ones that came from Grampie.   So you see she wasn’t lying hahahha!


A happy camper – she was – she said to me the other day – you are gonna be very proud of me – i finished all my lunch.

Simple Lunch

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So what did you have for lunch?  Lunch is usually an affair that needs to suit the princess of mine – we have to cook for her you see – and then send lunch to her in school on a weekday.  I don’t know about others – or is it because of the way I was brought up – you see my mother didn’t like to give us leftovers – she thinks it can caused wind and discomfort.  So with Chloe i try to cook fresh for her everyday too.  So two different meals a day is a must.  For breakfast – PB takes care of it.  So whatever that is left behind – i would “ta pau” and bring to work.   This was lunch from a few weeks ago – like i said – i’m up to my eyeball with work – both online and at the store  but this is pretty much what i eat.  Some meat – tofu ( i can eat tofu everyday) and rice or noodles for my carbs – i know i shouldn’t be eating so much carbs – in fact half the size of this would be perfect – but i loveeeeeeeeeeee  my carbs!!!  DIE!


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I lived in many different countries for several years – due to school and work – and yes – my work previously brought me many travel opportunities and I’m very blessed because I’ve had some of the best bosses.  And because of my travel experiences in many different countries I get to see different things and appreciate where I grew up in and the kind of support one can get back home where health is concerned.

We’ve  all heard stories about how teenagers do drugs because of stress from school, work or home – but having traveled so much – you and I know,  it’s not only the teenagers who can have problems with drugs.  Is it more in the West than in the East – I don’t think so – because even in conservative Japan – I’ve seen people do drugs there.   Addiction counseling  and  rapid detox for opiates was the most common route I’ve seen people take – when they have a loved one fall prey to this health and emotional problem.


One can feel quite helpless when you see a loved one struggle with an addiction and many years ago, when you hear about detox – you think about cold turkey treatment but with Rapid Detox – you don’t have to suffer the way others used to.   I’ve heard it is also quite safe – in fact, you can phone in and ask any questions you may have of the treatment before signing up for it.  Financing is available, so take action right away and help your loved ones now  or if you have a know someone who has an addiction with Oxycontin, Heroin,Hydrocodone, Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Morphine, Fentanyl, Dialudid, Darvon, Demerol, Codeine, Norco, Oxycodone, Percodan, Percocet, Roxicodone, Suboxone, Tramadol, Vicodin, Tylenol 3 and Tylenol 4, and other opiate drugs.

Candy Bar Supreme

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This new candy bar supreme topped with M&M bits came out last week and a half – so PB found them quite interesting and tried them.  Not bad – he claimed but as the week went by the M & M toppings got lesser – LOL!  but it was still good.  I joked with the gals at Tim’s and they had mentioned that there were going thru’ the M & Ms a lot faster than they had anticipated – so the toppings are not as full as they had it before.  The new donut was like $1.08 + tax i think – but don’t quote me – because I rarely look at the prices – for Tim’s has always been reasonable with their prices.   So try it – if you are around Tim’s and for those who are not – i wished i could send some to you.


a close up for you to drool on .. hahah!! i’m evil!

Organic Beet Greens

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Chloe’s grampie grew this in his green house – unfortunately, i’m not into beet greens at all – so even though he offered them to me – i couldn’t eat it.  But you and I know that beet greens are awesome for salad and I do eat them when I am eating out in a restaurant.

Jungle Jim’s All Day Breakfast – Starrs Road

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I’ve always wanted to have the All Day Breakfast at Jungle Jim’s – so 2 weeks ago – even though it was lunch time – i decided to try their all day breakfast of the Ham and Cheese Omelet.  But i was torn in between the french toast and the omelet but chose the omelet instead for fear that the french toast may have too much sugar for my diabetic me. The omelet turned out pretty good – and i wasn’t expecting potatoes with it – so it was indeed very filling.


PB and Chloe had their fish and chips from their lunch special and a side order of Onion Rings  – as you can see lots of food as usual and only at $5.95 – cant beat that eh.


The coffee came free with the breakfast and this trip the coffee was pretty good – i finished my coffee – in fact I was tempted to have another half a cup but didn’t.  I had asked PB if he remembered how much the omelet was – he said he didn’t remember – but he rarely looked at the prices at Jungle Jim’s because the prices are very reasonable.


We like Jungle Jim’s too because it’s Chloe’s favorite as it is kid friendly. They  have special juice cups for them – and they have a treasure chest for them to pick a prize after they’ve finished eating their food.  As you all know – chloe loves drawing  and Jungle Jim’s has papers and crayons for her to color.


The staff are friendly – they have Tabasco sauce there !!  woohoo!!  and the owner of the establishment is really nice and friendly.


And they let us snap away happily – and this mandatory photo of father and daughter – for keepsake.


And i tried to take a good picture with the lil’ brat – but she just wanna cover up my face i guess – probably thinks mama is obese –  kekekekek!! so doing me a favor eh.

Chicken Shishtawook Wrap & Tabouli

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Yes – I know i’m a bit back log on the food that I’ve eaten of late – and this was bought and eaten as a take-out last month 3 weeks ago – to be exact.  As usual – this is from a local place in town – and we were the last one to get the last plate – lucky us – we caught the today’s special just in time.  I didn’t know what a Chicken Shishtawook wrap and Tabouli was – but it sounded interesting and we wanted to try it – this time we didn’t call to ask what the special was – we just called if there was any left – I believed, after all – it was a Cyber Monday for us at our store – and it was extremely busy – we didn’t get lunch till late – late.


So how was the food?  pretty good – but i was expecting a wrap – since it said that it was a chicken shishtawook wrap – but it didn’t deter us – when we saw what it was like.  Chicken and potatoes – and a kinda green salad.  I told PB – it tasted like grass LOL – but it was still good though – i like the tomatoes in it and i did finished it all – afterall – all healthy stuff – does taste different right.   It was a filling lunch – $7.95 – both PB and I had it and didn’t need to even finish up our chicken pita that we had bought to share – plus like i said we were very busy that day.


Anyhow – there will be no more Lebanese food to review – from this cafe anymore – not that the food isn’t good nor is it not value for money – but because they lost me as their customer.  Why????  that’s another story for another day.

Sweet & Sour Pork Deli Style

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I do love the deli counter at Sobeys – our local grocery shop here in town – they not only have the western stuff – like macaroni salad and coleslaw etc – they are pretty adventurous in the recent years because they also have food like Sweet & Sour Pork and Ginger beef and a few order things that even I liked.  One of the many things they have – is the sweet and sour pork deli style, whereby you just tell them how much food you want – and they scooped it up for you and charge you accordingly.  I have always liked the ladies at the deli at Sobeys because not only do they have an awesome deli Manager – Susan – everyone there are very nice – very accommodating and always have a minute to spare – whether we are buying a lot that day or not. Sobeys is where we get most of our groceries – although we do go to other places to get other stuff – like tofu and sesame oil – but i find Sobeys have more comprehensive range to choose from – geez they even have discount diet pills.  Now this is my preference – and i`m not saying other grocery stores are not good – so donch huff and puff  and become one of those puffer fish –  if you are from another store – and think that i`m trashing your business eh – hahahha!!  some people can be funny in this small town.  I have an amusing story to tell – but that will be for another day and another story.


Anyhow – it is great that Sobeys has these deli style food because it sure makes it really convenient for me – as the brat don`t eat any meat except for chicken and fish.   So if i was craving for pork – you know where I am headed and then i have them with my favorite cup noodles and there – satisfied totally!  Simple, awesome & cheap!  and may i add – excellent service from Sobeys !

Dried Scallop & Oyster Congee With Fish

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A few weeks ago, while talking with a  merchant account reseller over the internet – we received a phone call from the Zhu’s – yes the owner of the New Century Restaurant – best Chinese food in town – that they cooked some congee and asked if i wanted some.   For those who knows me – i never refused congee because I loved them and the Zhu’s always surprises me with what they put inside the congee.  And this time – there were dried scallops, dried oysters and it came with something special.


I first i didn’t know what they were – but they sure smelled really yummy and a bite of the fish – my goodness!! it was heavenly !  i have never eaten such fresh fish before.  I must really asked the Zhu’s what kinda fish they gave me the other day but i had been so busy with my online work – i didn’t even have the time to yak with them yet.  But when I find out – i will let you know.   Love the Zhu’s because they are ever so humble and ever so receptive to any suggestions that anyone – be it a customer or an non- customer – plus they never overcharged me once – i have to push money to them to take my money for the food they cook for us all the time.  I’m pretty lucky because most of the cafe or restaurant owners are all very kind to us.

sops 08

Adopt A Book @ Yarmouth Library

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So how was everyone’s Mother’s Day..?? did you all spend time to tell the women in your lives how much they touched your lives by just being in their lives?  Or did anyone of you spend it over petty stuff and bickering over nothing?   or did you look for  disability insurance like my dear friend, Phoebe.  I had a very meaningful Mother’s Day yesterday – but that will be for another day and another story – but what’s more meaningful to me this Mother’s Day is to be able to adopt a book from the local library in the Loving Memory of PB’s grandmother – Bertha Rose – Killam.  This was a combined effort of the entire family – so please let me thank Richard (PB’s brother), PB’s parents, Garth & Sandra (PB’s uncle and aunt), Ally (PB’s cousin) and Rainy (PB’s aunt) and of course PB & Chloe who each donated to adopt the books.


There were many books to choose from and the librarian was very nice about walking us thru’ and helping us with adopting the books.  Some of you – may be wondering why we are doing it – but it has always been our nature to give back to society and what better way than to adopt these books – to honor PB’s Nana (grandmother ) –  whom we loved dearly.  And yes – I’ve gotten to know and grown fond of Nana when i arrived in Canada – she was the sweetest old lady and even though PB don’t really say much – he never refused to visit his Nana whenever I wanted to.


Chloe still wasn’t feeling too well – we had kept her home – but she wanted to visit the library too – so we brought her along.


This was one of the books we picked – and PB chose to put onto the book – In Loving Memory of Bertha Rose – Killam.


This was another book we adopted – we didn’t write who they were donated from – because there wasn’t a need to – we hoped that when anyone borrow these books – they would think of Nana and not us.


We adopted 4 books altogether – which came up to about $100 and we felt it was definitely something worthwhile to do – but like i said – i cannot take credit for it – because it was a combined effort of some of PB’s family and extended family.


But i’m especially proud of Richard – because Richard is always the quiet and unassuming one – but when i mentioned the idea to him – he didn’t say another word – and handed the money over to PB.   Thank you everyone – you know who you are – for making it possible to honor Nana.   Even though I only knew Nana for a short time – a few years – I felt that this was something we wanna do to remember her by.   Life is too short to always dwell on the bad things and think that everyone is against you or yours – you will be very miserable – if you do that.   When you die – how do you want ppl to remember you by?  Someone like PB’s Nana? who is sweet and loving  or someone is is constantly bitter and petty – think about it eh.

Happy Mother’s Day !

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Happiest Mother’s Day to women around the world !  today is your day!  Celebrate all the women that you have in your life as my blogging friend said and I quote :

Mother’s Day, to me, isn’t just for moms, it’s a day for all women everywhere, it’s a day to tell the women in your life, no matter the reason that they are in your life, to tell them that they mean something to you, are important, and are loved. – Ms Kat

Wanton Noodles With Organic Vegies

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Remember the organic bok choi that Chloe’s grampie grew in his garden for me ?  there you see it with my wanton noodles that I had last week.   Yes, yes! i’m way behind in my food posts – so much to share with you and lots of  picture post to look forward to.   But as you all know – because of Chloe – I have to cook at home, at least twice a day for her – she only eats noodles and rice – she definitely has taste buds of a Asian kid – but not as adventurous as us Asians are with our food – not from the lack of trying in our part.


So yes,  i cooked my own wanton noodles if i wanted any and i try to make it like home – even dunking the wanton noodles in cold water and then back to hot water to keep the noodles tangy in the noodles.   Does it work ? i hear you asking – yes ! it does – noodles seems a lot more nicer if I did that – else darn soggy lah.  What sauce do i use – i put in some sesame oil – some ketchup – some dark soya sauce – pepper, oyster sauce and some sambal olek – mixed them together and nuke them for 10 seconds before putting my noodles into it .. and mixing them up really nice.  Don’t take too long to mix them up because all the stirring will cause the noodles to get cold really soon.  Then put in your chicken, vegies and fried onion and chives if you have some – and there you have a meal.  But don’t forget to air your wanton noodles and loosen them out before cooking them.

Pizza Delight – Starrs Road

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2 weeks ago – on a Sunday – we decided to go to Pizza Delight for Sunday brunch but of course we missed the lunch buffet (which we didn’t know there was one) hahah!  but nevertheless, we did have a late lunch there at 2.15pm.  There weren’t anyone around anymore and that’s usually the case when you eat a late lunch when you wake up late but it’s family day – so it was awesome to have the restaurant to yourself.


We didn’t have to wait to be seated so, we took the window seat – and was offered the bread counter after our order were taken.  Several kinds of bread to choose from and many spreads too.  I had the foccacia bread and some garlic spread.  PB had a piece of toast and the brat didn’t wanna have anything to do with the bread of course.   This bread counter reminded me of Pete’s Place at the Hyatt Regency back home – those from home will know what i mean.. and i’m sure they are still around at the basement of Hyatt.


Generous spreads – as you can see here and you pretty much can fill yourself up with bread alone.


I didn’t eat a lot of the bread because i wanted to save my tummy for my food – i had intended to even have dessert – pretty ambitious of me eh.  Those who knows me – knows what where i am coming from. hahah!!


Apple Juice  – for Chloe – pretty cute eh the bottle.


Our food took a little longer to come than expected but it was good we had some bread – the staff were apologetic about the late food but it was alright – we were having a lazy Sunday afterall.   This is what i had for lunch – it was hugeee!!  this item was new – and even though i had wanted spaghetti and meatball initially – but this dish was pretty good too  – it was  Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni.   They didn’t have Tabasco sauce – so i couldn’t eat my meatball and spaghetti – bummer ! next time I have to remember to get some – or buy a bottle and leave it at the restaurant.


I ordered a side ceasar salad – because they really make good ceasar salad  – like another restaurant i know.


PB ordered a pizza with bacon, pepperoni and cheese – he said this was one of the best pizza he have had.


Chloe had the chicken nuggets and fries and even she said the nuggets were great.  She didn’t finished them of course – only had 2 nuggets as per usual.   It was a lot of food – we managed to eat half of everything – and doggie back the rest of them home for the next day.

Food was like $45 – tips included and the wait staff came often to check if we were doing alright.  I would definitely try their buffet – which is an everyday affair for lunch and the spread looked pretty good too – at $9.99 – all you can eat.   Pizza Delight at Starrs Road is a cozy restaurant – and opens everyday for lunch and dinner – it’s more geared towards an adult dining experience more than kid’s dining.  One can even bring your out of town guests there for a sit – down and feel good about it – but don’t forget to bring your Tabasco sauce – because no matter what i said – the wait staff insisted that they won’t have Tabasco – hahaha!!

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