Sweet & Sour Fish Canadian Style

A few weeks ago – i was craving for Sweet & Sour Fish – from home – so i picked up the phone and called the Zhu’s from New Century Restaurant at Main Street, Yarmouth – if they could cook me a small portion of it.  I cannot asked for a better friend and business … [Read more…]

Organic Potatoes

You all know that Chloe’s grampie grows his own peas, carrots, corn and many different things right?  What we didn’t know was he grew his own potatoes too.  You see – Chloe always complains that she didn’t finished her lunch of potatoes because our potatoes isn’t as good as GRAMMMIEEEE’S.  We even gave her real … [Read more…]

Simple Lunch

So what did you have for lunch?  Lunch is usually an affair that needs to suit the princess of mine – we have to cook for her you see – and then send lunch to her in school on a weekday.  I don’t know about others – or is it because of the way I … [Read more…]


I lived in many different countries for several years – due to school and work – and yes – my work previously brought me many travel opportunities and I’m very blessed because I’ve had some of the best bosses.  And because of my travel experiences in many different countries I get to see different things … [Read more…]

Organic Beet Greens

Chloe’s grampie grew this in his green house – unfortunately, i’m not into beet greens at all – so even though he offered them to me – i couldn’t eat it.  But you and I know that beet greens are awesome for salad and I do eat them when I am eating out in a … [Read more…]