So how was everyone’s Mother’s Day..?? did you all spend time to tell the women in your lives how much they touched your lives by just being in their lives?  Or did anyone of you spend it over petty stuff and bickering over nothing?   or did you look for  disability insurance like my dear friend, Phoebe.  I had a very meaningful Mother’s Day yesterday – but that will be for another day and another story – but what’s more meaningful to me this Mother’s Day is to be able to adopt a book from the local library in the Loving Memory of PB’s grandmother – Bertha Rose – Killam.  This was a combined effort of the entire family – so please let me thank Richard (PB’s brother), PB’s parents, Garth & Sandra (PB’s uncle and aunt), Ally (PB’s cousin) and Rainy (PB’s aunt) and of course PB & Chloe who each donated to adopt the books.


There were many books to choose from and the librarian was very nice about walking us thru’ and helping us with adopting the books.  Some of you – may be wondering why we are doing it – but it has always been our nature to give back to society and what better way than to adopt these books – to honor PB’s Nana (grandmother ) –  whom we loved dearly.  And yes – I’ve gotten to know and grown fond of Nana when i arrived in Canada – she was the sweetest old lady and even though PB don’t really say much – he never refused to visit his Nana whenever I wanted to.


Chloe still wasn’t feeling too well – we had kept her home – but she wanted to visit the library too – so we brought her along.


This was one of the books we picked – and PB chose to put onto the book – In Loving Memory of Bertha Rose – Killam.


This was another book we adopted – we didn’t write who they were donated from – because there wasn’t a need to – we hoped that when anyone borrow these books – they would think of Nana and not us.


We adopted 4 books altogether – which came up to about $100 and we felt it was definitely something worthwhile to do – but like i said – i cannot take credit for it – because it was a combined effort of some of PB’s family and extended family.


But i’m especially proud of Richard – because Richard is always the quiet and unassuming one – but when i mentioned the idea to him – he didn’t say another word – and handed the money over to PB.   Thank you everyone – you know who you are – for making it possible to honor Nana.   Even though I only knew Nana for a short time – a few years – I felt that this was something we wanna do to remember her by.   Life is too short to always dwell on the bad things and think that everyone is against you or yours – you will be very miserable – if you do that.   When you die – how do you want ppl to remember you by?  Someone like PB’s Nana? who is sweet and loving  or someone is is constantly bitter and petty – think about it eh.


  1. Taylor

    So, Jan,

    Did I so a good job on covering and processing those books? LOL

    I’m glad that you adopted some. It’s seems like a lot but if you knew how much money was spent on ordering those books, you would probably be astounded.

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