We were up early the next morning – when we were up in the city about 3 weeks ago – for my doctor’s appointment, we had a very light breakfast in the hotel.  The hotel coffee shop’s staff were very kind and made a pancake for chloe even though they didn’t have it on the breakfast menu.  But because we were so anxious to get to the hospital in time – we didn’t get to eat very much but  I’m grateful to the hotel’s staff though.  So after our eye appointment –  we headed back to the hotel, parked our car thru’ the valet and took a short walk to Cabin Coffee.


Chloe was just too happy to be outta the hospital – it was a boring wait – 2 hrs.


They have very colorful and comfy chairs outside the cafe – if you just wanna enjoy the sun and the people walking by.


Chloe & teddy  trying out the lounge chairs.


Cabin Coffee is a very vibrant little cafe – there was a line up when we arrived and not much seating – but by the time we finished ordering our food – there were people leaving – so we were able to get a huge sitting place – and darn comfy.


Love their chandelier!  I want one too!


Love the decor of the cafe !  the color reminds me of our old store at 308 Main Street – but feng shui dictates that not all store can thrive in this color – but as you can see – this cafe is doing extremely well.


A mandatory silly post with daddy and daughter.


I ordered a tuna melt on whole wheat & a coffee for take – out because it was pretty crowded when we first came – we figured we would bring it back to the hotel and eat at the rooftop where the scenery was awesome – but that would be for another day and another post.  The tuna melt was yummy and so was the coffee – i won’t mind this instead of Tim’s every morning – if we lived in Halifax.


I love anything on chalkboard – so old school charm – can’t get enough of it.


PB had a cinnamon bun thing but it was a lot bigger when he began – i just took this picture at the end.


Chloe had a chocolate muffin and of course she didn’t finished it.


And they are a hotspot cafe – so if you can go on the internet if you are with Aliant here, if you don’t you can pay a minimal fee – and go online.  We enjoyed this place very much – the staff were friendly and they let chloe roam the cafe – and look for things and let me take a million pictures.  Cabin Cafe is at Hollis Street – next to the Sheraton Four Points and walking distance from the Courtyard Marriott where we stayed for this visit.


  1. This cafe is lovely. I like its decor. Was it really cold that day? I can see that Chloe is dressed in many layers 🙂 Love her outfit, by the way 😀

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