This new candy bar supreme topped with M&M bits came out last week and a half – so PB found them quite interesting and tried them.  Not bad – he claimed but as the week went by the M & M toppings got lesser – LOL!  but it was still good.  I joked with the gals at Tim’s and they had mentioned that there were going thru’ the M & Ms a lot faster than they had anticipated – so the toppings are not as full as they had it before.  The new donut was like $1.08 + tax i think – but don’t quote me – because I rarely look at the prices – for Tim’s has always been reasonable with their prices.   So try it – if you are around Tim’s and for those who are not – i wished i could send some to you.


a close up for you to drool on .. hahah!! i’m evil!


  1. frances

    Never tried this before, would love to try, mmmm…so much topping, so creative & droolicious!!! 🙂

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