I’m sure I told you – my mom never let us do anything in the kitchen – firstly, she was too busy and secondly, i secretly thinks, she was afraid we might break something in the kitchen.  But having said that – she wouldn’t let us touch anything – from the phone to the tv and even the treadmill in the recreation room when we were kids.  So I told myself – when i was very young, I would never do this to my kids.

But you see when you grow older and you have responsibilities you then know the real reason why your mothers didn’t want you to do anything in the kitchen.  Why? because at times, i catch myself telling Chloe – that she should just let me cook or wash up quickly – so that i can go and finish my other tasks.  I am very vigilant about this – and make sure I let Chloe cook and wash whenever she wants – so that we can bond – she doesn’t really clean or cook but she is always very happy when she thinks she is helping out and what better way to teach your kids responsibilities and to share your day with her then now.


As you can see – Chloe is darn serious about her “job” – she wants to be a real mama’s helper – and thanks to Auntie CY and Rachel Jeh Jeh from UK who made it possible by sending her a special kid’s apron and cook hat last Christmas.  As you can see here – she just loved her outfit and never fails to put them on – when she is being mama’s helper for the day.

So moms and dads – make time for your kids – they don’t stay this young forever – you don’t want to miss these special moments with them.  And you know what? when Chloe is older – she will learn how to build computers – man the store and do lots of other things with us.


  1. Wing

    Same here!! My 6 years old son is very serious about “helping” us too when he does once in a blue moon. He also watches/records the Star Wars Clones Wars @ 4:30pm and then replay it the next morning at 7:30am just for Daddy…because Star Wars Clones Wars is very very “important” too 😛

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