A few weeks ago, while talking with a  merchant account reseller over the internet – we received a phone call from the Zhu’s – yes the owner of the New Century Restaurant – best Chinese food in town – that they cooked some congee and asked if i wanted some.   For those who knows me – i never refused congee because I loved them and the Zhu’s always surprises me with what they put inside the congee.  And this time – there were dried scallops, dried oysters and it came with something special.


I first i didn’t know what they were – but they sure smelled really yummy and a bite of the fish – my goodness!! it was heavenly !  i have never eaten such fresh fish before.  I must really asked the Zhu’s what kinda fish they gave me the other day but i had been so busy with my online work – i didn’t even have the time to yak with them yet.  But when I find out – i will let you know.   Love the Zhu’s because they are ever so humble and ever so receptive to any suggestions that anyone – be it a customer or an non- customer – plus they never overcharged me once – i have to push money to them to take my money for the food they cook for us all the time.  I’m pretty lucky because most of the cafe or restaurant owners are all very kind to us.

sops 08


  1. frances

    Congee soup is good for the soul… we always order a family style big bowl of “thousand egg & lean pork” congee at the Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum meal,everybody just love it! 🙂

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