Yes! yes!  I’m so backlogged – but i did tell you – i was up to my eyeball with work right – not only was the store busy – my online work was steady.  And for Mother’s Day this year – PB made me some French toast with cinnamom and syrup – without me asking him to – he just did it.  So sweeeettt right..??


And some turkey bacon of course – i haven’t eaten the regular bacon for years now – it’s easier on the health i think.   I had a late breakfast and an early dinner – and we had dinner at PB’s parents – but that’s for another day and another story eh.  So what did you have for breakfast on Mother’s day?

Mysteries Of Love


  1. frances

    My kids gave me a “mother’s day special breakfast”…mushoom & cheese omelett, crispy bacon, biscuit & fresh fruits. They got up early and cook everything from scratch… extra delicious!! I say Chloe will surprise you with a “mother’s day special” meal when she is old enough to cook,too!!! 🙂

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