I’ve always wanted to have the All Day Breakfast at Jungle Jim’s – so 2 weeks ago – even though it was lunch time – i decided to try their all day breakfast of the Ham and Cheese Omelet.  But i was torn in between the french toast and the omelet but chose the omelet instead for fear that the french toast may have too much sugar for my diabetic me. The omelet turned out pretty good – and i wasn’t expecting potatoes with it – so it was indeed very filling.


PB and Chloe had their fish and chips from their lunch special and a side order of Onion Rings  – as you can see lots of food as usual and only at $5.95 – cant beat that eh.


The coffee came free with the breakfast and this trip the coffee was pretty good – i finished my coffee – in fact I was tempted to have another half a cup but didn’t.  I had asked PB if he remembered how much the omelet was – he said he didn’t remember – but he rarely looked at the prices at Jungle Jim’s because the prices are very reasonable.


We like Jungle Jim’s too because it’s Chloe’s favorite as it is kid friendly. They  have special juice cups for them – and they have a treasure chest for them to pick a prize after they’ve finished eating their food.  As you all know – chloe loves drawing  and Jungle Jim’s has papers and crayons for her to color.


The staff are friendly – they have Tabasco sauce there !!  woohoo!!  and the owner of the establishment is really nice and friendly.


And they let us snap away happily – and this mandatory photo of father and daughter – for keepsake.


And i tried to take a good picture with the lil’ brat – but she just wanna cover up my face i guess – probably thinks mama is obese –  kekekekek!! so doing me a favor eh.


  1. Alice Kwek

    Boy!! We only get to see half your face?! Well, at least it’s half a face!!! kekekeke

  2. frances

    A Ham & Cheese Omelet breakfast costs about $8.50 here at “Elmers”…and coffee is extra! this breakfast restaurant is always packed on the weekend…we usually have to wait abt 30 minutes just for an available table…the food is well worth the wait though!

    And your daughter is adorable!! Her dress is so cute 🙂

  3. Lina

    Oh no, AGAIN? Now can see only a quarter of your face! More ‘coverage’ then your profile pics in FB lah !!

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