You all know that Chloe’s grampie grows his own peas, carrots, corn and many different things right?  What we didn’t know was he grew his own potatoes too.  You see – Chloe always complains that she didn’t finished her lunch of potatoes because our potatoes isn’t as good as GRAMMMIEEEE’S.  We even gave her real butter for her potatoes but nope still wasn’t good enough.  Then one day – when PB was chatting with Grammie – we found out that Grampie grew his own potatoes !!!  now we know!!!  So we asked Grammie for some potatoes and PB asked for some small ones because chloe only need very little for her lunch.  And see how small the potatoes were as compared to a regular one on the top. hahahahah!!  But yes ! chloe did finish her potatoes – the ones that came from Grampie.   So you see she wasn’t lying hahahha!


A happy camper – she was – she said to me the other day – you are gonna be very proud of me – i finished all my lunch.


  1. frances

    Does Chloe ‘s grampie grow the deep “purple” potatoes? They are smaller size than the regular potatoes but they are really sweet & yummy…my SIL brought a whole box of this from the local farmer, we all enjoy this treat! 🙂

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