2 weeks ago – on a Sunday – we decided to go to Pizza Delight for Sunday brunch but of course we missed the lunch buffet (which we didn’t know there was one) hahah!  but nevertheless, we did have a late lunch there at 2.15pm.  There weren’t anyone around anymore and that’s usually the case when you eat a late lunch when you wake up late but it’s family day – so it was awesome to have the restaurant to yourself.


We didn’t have to wait to be seated so, we took the window seat – and was offered the bread counter after our order were taken.  Several kinds of bread to choose from and many spreads too.  I had the foccacia bread and some garlic spread.  PB had a piece of toast and the brat didn’t wanna have anything to do with the bread of course.   This bread counter reminded me of Pete’s Place at the Hyatt Regency back home – those from home will know what i mean.. and i’m sure they are still around at the basement of Hyatt.


Generous spreads – as you can see here and you pretty much can fill yourself up with bread alone.


I didn’t eat a lot of the bread because i wanted to save my tummy for my food – i had intended to even have dessert – pretty ambitious of me eh.  Those who knows me – knows what where i am coming from. hahah!!


Apple Juice  – for Chloe – pretty cute eh the bottle.


Our food took a little longer to come than expected but it was good we had some bread – the staff were apologetic about the late food but it was alright – we were having a lazy Sunday afterall.   This is what i had for lunch – it was hugeee!!  this item was new – and even though i had wanted spaghetti and meatball initially – but this dish was pretty good too  – it was  Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni.   They didn’t have Tabasco sauce – so i couldn’t eat my meatball and spaghetti – bummer ! next time I have to remember to get some – or buy a bottle and leave it at the restaurant.


I ordered a side ceasar salad – because they really make good ceasar salad  – like another restaurant i know.


PB ordered a pizza with bacon, pepperoni and cheese – he said this was one of the best pizza he have had.


Chloe had the chicken nuggets and fries and even she said the nuggets were great.  She didn’t finished them of course – only had 2 nuggets as per usual.   It was a lot of food – we managed to eat half of everything – and doggie back the rest of them home for the next day.

Food was like $45 – tips included and the wait staff came often to check if we were doing alright.  I would definitely try their buffet – which is an everyday affair for lunch and the spread looked pretty good too – at $9.99 – all you can eat.   Pizza Delight at Starrs Road is a cozy restaurant – and opens everyday for lunch and dinner – it’s more geared towards an adult dining experience more than kid’s dining.  One can even bring your out of town guests there for a sit – down and feel good about it – but don’t forget to bring your Tabasco sauce – because no matter what i said – the wait staff insisted that they won’t have Tabasco – hahaha!!


  1. Lina

    Yes, Pete’s Place is still @ Hyatt. I’ve gd deal, ie, 1-1 free when i dine there 😛

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