So what did you have for lunch?  Lunch is usually an affair that needs to suit the princess of mine – we have to cook for her you see – and then send lunch to her in school on a weekday.  I don’t know about others – or is it because of the way I was brought up – you see my mother didn’t like to give us leftovers – she thinks it can caused wind and discomfort.  So with Chloe i try to cook fresh for her everyday too.  So two different meals a day is a must.  For breakfast – PB takes care of it.  So whatever that is left behind – i would “ta pau” and bring to work.   This was lunch from a few weeks ago – like i said – i’m up to my eyeball with work – both online and at the store  but this is pretty much what i eat.  Some meat – tofu ( i can eat tofu everyday) and rice or noodles for my carbs – i know i shouldn’t be eating so much carbs – in fact half the size of this would be perfect – but i loveeeeeeeeeeee  my carbs!!!  DIE!


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