Yes! yes..!! i know ..! i know..!! i’m such a slacker and i know you’ve all been waiting to see what i’ve eaten when I was up in the city about 4 weeks ago.  Well, as you all know we always go to Dharma Sushi when we are up in Halifax but this trip – we decided to try everything new – even the hotel that we stayed in this time was a new hotel altogether – but that would be a story for another day.  So we were in Halifax and looking for tea tree oil for acne for a customer’s kid – when we chance upon this sushi restaurant – and i think we struck gold here because not only was the food awesome the service was very friendly.  I’ll explain to you in a bit why i think so.


Sushi Nami has it own webpage as you can see and this restaurant is situated in downtown Halifax in Dresden Row – but they have two other location if you are not in downtown and I’m pretty sure they are as good as this one – if not better.


The restaurant was pretty full even though it was a Sunday in downtown Halifax – which was practically a ghost town on the street – therefore I didn’t take much inside pictures of the restaurant. You can park at the underground carpark next the restaurant or wait like we did and gave up – after 15 mins – and parked underground instead.  Btw – Pete’s Frootique is just beside this restaurant – so you can’t missed it.


We ordered a special udon for Chloe without any greens as you can see in this picture – because you all know how fussy the kid is.


She slurped it up but didn’t finished the plate – we doggie bag the rest back to the hotel.


I had the mandatory miso soup of course!


Followed by a plate of sweet potato tempura – PB’s favorite.


Then my Agedashi tofu came – i had asked the wait staff if the chef can make me some chawanmushi – but alas, the cannot accommodate.  But that’s alright – afterall, they were really busy and they didn’t have it on the menu.   The Agedashi tofu was the only dish that wasn’t quite close to what i had expected but still pretty good.


Followed by teriyaki chicken for PB – he said it was really good.


I was torn in between getting deluxe sushi dinner or the fusion special – and i ended up getting this Sushi Nami House Royale with tuna.  It was yummmmyliicious!!  and when i asked for more ginger – they gave me a whole plateful – so generous.


All the food served were quick and excellent presentation and we just had to have dessert – even though i’m diabetic – i had to have the mochi ice cream.  It was yam, mango and red bean flavor and all of us shared it – even Chloe said that it was awesome!


Sushi Nami is gonna to be one of our regular haunts from now on – because the dinner came to about $50 something dollars – the wait stuff was attentive and when we said it was pretty warm where we were sitting – she turned down the temperature and was absolutely awesome to Chloe.


Dinner was so good, we all didn’t ask for supper – that nite – we were filled up and a doggie bag of fried udon left.  Happy campers we were that nite.


  1. frances

    Awww…the dessert looks so good, anything with mochi & red~green bean i sure like!:D:D

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