I do love the deli counter at Sobeys – our local grocery shop here in town – they not only have the western stuff – like macaroni salad and coleslaw etc – they are pretty adventurous in the recent years because they also have food like Sweet & Sour Pork and Ginger beef and a few order things that even I liked.  One of the many things they have – is the sweet and sour pork deli style, whereby you just tell them how much food you want – and they scooped it up for you and charge you accordingly.  I have always liked the ladies at the deli at Sobeys because not only do they have an awesome deli Manager – Susan – everyone there are very nice – very accommodating and always have a minute to spare – whether we are buying a lot that day or not. Sobeys is where we get most of our groceries – although we do go to other places to get other stuff – like tofu and sesame oil – but i find Sobeys have more comprehensive range to choose from – geez they even have discount diet pills.  Now this is my preference – and i`m not saying other grocery stores are not good – so donch huff and puff  and become one of those puffer fish –  if you are from another store – and think that i`m trashing your business eh – hahahha!!  some people can be funny in this small town.  I have an amusing story to tell – but that will be for another day and another story.


Anyhow – it is great that Sobeys has these deli style food because it sure makes it really convenient for me – as the brat don`t eat any meat except for chicken and fish.   So if i was craving for pork – you know where I am headed and then i have them with my favorite cup noodles and there – satisfied totally!  Simple, awesome & cheap!  and may i add – excellent service from Sobeys !


  1. Yummy 😀 I’ve never seen any deli selling sweet and sour pork back then. well done to Sobeys 😀 Jan, this is your blog so you have the right to express your opinions. Who is the puffer fish? As a business owner, one ought to be open to good and not-so-good reviews of their business, eh?

  2. Daisy

    Hi Mama Bok!
    How are you doing? Just want to say the sweet and sour pork look so yummy! 🙂
    Take Care and Have A Great Day!

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