In our household – I cooked all the chinese food – but that doesn’t mean that PB doesn’t cook – you see I never have to cook for him.  But if any western food needs to be cooked in our household – he does it.  From beef stew to potatoes and french toasts – he does it.  But you see, i sometimes get sick or am busy too – for my acne treatments , so what do one do?  We trained the man to cook – our chinese food too.. muahahahah!!


If my mother was staying with me – she would think that I have it made – you see – in our culture – the man don’t have to be in the kitchen.  They also do not need to wash dishes or scoop their own bowl of rice – nor do anything – well – that was in my mother’s house.  My father – needed to be served !!!  yes ! you heard me right SERVED!!!!   but nope – PB never asked for a cup of water from me ever – not that i would mind – but he is pretty much – a do it yourself guy.  What about your household..??   Are there still families who needs to “serve” their husband and their in-laws?


  1. pb is so good….a rare breed…hehehehhehehehe. there is nothing better than seeing a man cooking in the kitchen eh? mine doesn’t cook any dishes and he only fry eggs/ bacons / sausages.

    i do know some families who need to serve the man *shake head* if my husband were to ask me to serve him just because it’s my duty, i’ll kick him to london square…muahahahahahahahhahha

  2. shirleyloo

    LOL…Barb u so funny 😉 for my in-law side of family (indians)..they have this culture of which women or mothers has to do all the cooking n serve to their mouth !! I pity my MIL sumtimes, for she doesnt let go of her duties so easily even when she’s sick ;-( lucky my hubby doesnt inherit such practice … in fact he can cook for me if I want to (only if I dare to let him experience the kitchen) hahahahaaa…. but I shall say PB is gud loh 😉

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