Remember the organic bok choi that Chloe’s grampie grew in his garden for me ?  there you see it with my wanton noodles that I had last week.   Yes, yes! i’m way behind in my food posts – so much to share with you and lots of  picture post to look forward to.   But as you all know – because of Chloe – I have to cook at home, at least twice a day for her – she only eats noodles and rice – she definitely has taste buds of a Asian kid – but not as adventurous as us Asians are with our food – not from the lack of trying in our part.


So yes,  i cooked my own wanton noodles if i wanted any and i try to make it like home – even dunking the wanton noodles in cold water and then back to hot water to keep the noodles tangy in the noodles.   Does it work ? i hear you asking – yes ! it does – noodles seems a lot more nicer if I did that – else darn soggy lah.  What sauce do i use – i put in some sesame oil – some ketchup – some dark soya sauce – pepper, oyster sauce and some sambal olek – mixed them together and nuke them for 10 seconds before putting my noodles into it .. and mixing them up really nice.  Don’t take too long to mix them up because all the stirring will cause the noodles to get cold really soon.  Then put in your chicken, vegies and fried onion and chives if you have some – and there you have a meal.  But don’t forget to air your wanton noodles and loosen them out before cooking them.


  1. frances

    What a comfort meal here, simple and yummy…you are quite a cook and photographer!:)

  2. Lina

    Great, i’m impressed by the way u did it. Yes, that’s the way to ‘ko lung hor’ to get rid of the ‘kan shui’ of the noodles. I’m hungry now!!

  3. Hi
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  4. shirleyloo

    yummyyyyyy leh….so expert even making a home cooked noodles MB … lucky Chloe ‘yau hau fook’ 😉

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