3 Claws Lobster

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Canadian,Meet Up With,My Musing,Seafood | Wednesday 30 June 2010 6:24 pm


The local supermarket had a unique visitor in their seafood section – for the first time, we saw a mutant lobster – hehe!!  actually the grandfather lobster had 3 claws instead of the usual 2.  Very unique eh?  Chloe was so fascinated with the lobster that we hung around the supermarket longer than usual and didn’t go look for my  Moen kitchen faucet .  Bummer!


The lobster was so huge – i wonder if he had more meat or would his shell weigh more and whoever buys him would end up paying for the shell..??  But i never liked big lobsters anyways – Lobsters Thermidor are the ones i liked best but they don’t usually have it here.  We usually get the normal size lobster but it is Chloe’s grandparents who would pick them up and cooked them for us.  Talking about lobsters – the last lobster i had were from the Zhu’s – yummy!

ABC Soup

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Cooking,My Musing,Slow Cooking | Tuesday 29 June 2010 10:59 am


So I took Wenn from UK advise that ABC soup is good for the Chloe a few weeks ago, when she was ill and plus i can find the ingredients easily here too – so why not.  ABC soup consist of some corn on the cob, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and carrots – of course you need some pork too.  So happily ever after – i went on my cooking adventure.


How hard can this be right?  so i waited for 4 hrs – slow cooked it – and the soup looked awesome but didn’t taste as good as i wanted it to.  So i checked with Wenn – and apparently i did have everything needed in the soup – and she didn’t know what went wrong.  I haven’t tried the soup again – but if anyone can enlighten me – that would be great.  Maybe, not enough tomatoes..??  or potatoes..??  did i shake some salt into it..?? yes – some not too much  though – coz’ i don’t like taking salt in our food.  Pray share eh.

Cheese Croissant

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Food Review,Shopping,Useful Links,Western | Monday 28 June 2010 9:56 am


I have been having a craving for croissant of late and don’t want my regular rye bread nor the walnut and raisin that I have for breakfast.  So when we were out shopping  for a  Panerai with my best friend one day – and saw these incredibly looking delicious croissant – i just had to try/buy them.


Sorry that my mind was more on food than the Panerai – afterall, the croissant is much cheaper – hahhaha! but you see my g/f is crazy about the Panerai and she even have a club for it – I kid you not!   Anyhow, PB sharpen a knife for me just so i can split the croissant nicely and it was awesome – i toasted the croissant and slapped on some chicken salad and tomatoes on it and i had an awesome and filling breakfast.   Some said that eating croissant often isn’t good but it sure tasted good to me.. hahahaha!!  how many of you like croissants?  the other day – they didn’t have the cheese ones no more..   but had the whole wheat type.  So I went over to the bakery and asked them..  “excuse me, do you have the croissants that would make me fat and give me lots of cholesterol ? hhahaha!!”  In which the baker just laughed and replied – “no – sorry – you have to stay healthy for now” hahahahh!!!   I love people with a good sense of humor – don’t you?   Life is too short – be happy!

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,The Other Half,Western | Friday 25 June 2010 6:00 pm


We don’t usually eat Mcdonalds for breakfast – not because it isn’t tasty but I’ve eaten so much of it when i first came to Canada – kinda “jialat” (tired) – if you know what i mean.  But every now and then I would – want it outta the convenience because most likely i need to cook two meals that morning.  One for the lunch for Chloe and then make soup as well for dinner.


Many moons ago, i would always order the big breakfast – but after coming to Canada – i usually order the sausage Mcmuffin without the eggs and a hasbrown.  But once in a while i like to change taste and order something else unlike PB – he likes eating only hot cakes all the time – so boring hor.


So a few weeks ago, when we didn’t get to do much shopping the last week, i decided i want Mcdonald’s so that we didn’t have to go to Sobeys and get breakfast stuff instead.  I had hotcakes and sausage – no hasbrown this time – coz’ i won’t be able to finish it.  I asked PB what he wanted and he said “nothing” .. and then when we got home – he wanted to share my breakfast..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   can die or not..????  not that i won’t share it – mind you .. but had he told me.. he wanted to share – i would have gotten a hash brown too … MENNNN!!!  so in the end i didn’t eat enough – afterall – i had planned to have 2 pieces of hotcakes and the sausage but instead i only gotten 1 hotcake and a sausage for breakfast.  Really !! mennn!!!  is your man this way too..??  or is it just mine..????  almost like got gold in his mouth!!! MANNNN!!!

Hum Choy Tofu Soup

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Cooking,Food From Home,Slow Cooking | Thursday 24 June 2010 8:56 pm


Hum Choy Tofu Soup is currently one of my favorite soup – why?  because besides the lotus root soup – this one is also pretty successful.  In fact, i think i might just have mastered it – with tomatoes and ginger now added and tofu a well – it’s a perfect soup if only the brat would eat some hum choy.  Hum Choy also known as pickled mustard is a great buy because it is so saltish and can be kept for a long time before you cook them.  I missed Mui Choy Soup and Mui Choy Kau York but alas, I never ever found Mui Choy anywhere around here.

I remember when i was a kid – my mom didn’t like cooking this soup – because she said it was very “leong” – not good for the boys at home.  But here during the summer – i think it’s one of the best kinda soup.  This soup is so cheap and so easy to cook, everyone should have them at least once a month if not more.  What kind of soup would you think is the most nutritious, cheap and easy to cook…??  share your recipe with me can..??

Pre-Packed Sushi

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Food Review,Japanese | Wednesday 23 June 2010 8:38 pm


Normally, I’m not opposed to buying pre-packed sushi – but the ones sold locally at the grocery store – definitely is not sushi.  Why?  the rice of the sushi is very important – even if they were only vegetarian sushi – the rice still needs to have some kind of standard.  So when these sushi first appeared at the local supermarket – i was quite happy but very quickly turned into great disappointment.  The thing is this – for me – i’ve eaten sushi from Japan and all over the world and you and I know these are not sushi.  But for those who never had sushi – these sub-standard ones – definitely would turn anyone off.


If you looked closely at this picture – you look at the rice – it’s like our congee frozen together.  I really feel bad for those people here who may think that – that is sushi.  Real sushi is awesome and if anyone wants real sushi – try Halifax pleaseeeee..!!!  donch buy the ones in your local grocery store here.  And No ! i’m not running anyone’s business down but giving my honest opinion – everyone is entitled to one and if you don’t agree with me – that’s your prerogative – no one forced you to read my reviews.  What about you?  would you tell everyone you know if the food wasn’t the right kind of taste or if the food isn’t up to what your expect..??


Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fruits,My Musing | Tuesday 22 June 2010 8:16 pm


Apricots are in season now and like usual – i had to have them – unfortunately, they were as soft or sweet as i expected.  Apricots are expensive here at this time too.  Hopefully, soon they will be in full bloom and it will come cheaply for us.  Chloe didn’t want to eat these this time – lucky her – haahha!  Who loves apricots?  actually, i love all fruits that are soft – these days – i eat the pineapple because they are extra sweet and comes from Cuba.

Baking With Grammie

Posted by mamabok | Baking,The Brat | Monday 21 June 2010 10:39 am


As you all know, Chloe had been going to Grammie’s on her own since March break – it gives us a little time to do our things, look for MP3 players that i wanted for gifts for the kids in school.  Plus it gives her plenty of sunshine and undivided attention from her Grandparents and Aunt Helena.  But what’s most delightful for Chloe is the baking she does with her Grammie.


So recently, Chloe and her grammie baked a coconut based cake the other day and she was mighty proud of it and was determined to eat it the night she came back.  We had to hold off because it was already late that night, she didn’t fuss much but we did give her some the next night and she was delighted.


Yes! we control her sugar intake because firstly, i’m diabetic and secondly – I don’t want her to be only full of sugar inside and no properly nutrition.  What about you?  how much sweets do you allow your kids..?? i have seen some kids have like a whole bar of chocolates or a lot of pizzas or candy bars or lollies.

Williams-Sonoma Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Kitchen Gadgets,My Musing,The Brat | Saturday 19 June 2010 6:01 pm


When you have a kid like I do – you want to give them the best – in terms of everything.  Food is what we cannot go without and as parents, we want to feed our kids well – not just any kind of food but healthy ones.  And every summer – we buy freezies and pops that are either premade with lots of sugar or ingredients that we are reluctant to let Chloe eat.

So I’ve decided to buy this Zoku Quick Pop Maker instead, it’s not only easy – it’s definitely something every parents would want.   It’s so easy to make your own pop- your kids can even help with it.  Use all the real and good ingredients and never have to worry about your kids having too much sugar in their body, plus it’s definitely good for diabetics like myself.   A good investment at $49.95 – shipping was free too.

Cup Noodles With SeaWeed

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Junke Food,My Musing | Friday 18 June 2010 5:47 pm


Simple food pleases me and food from home – pleases me more – cup noodles was the thing i lived on when i was in UK – finishing my school.  And when i worked in Madrid for a few months or even in Sydney to help open the Traders Hotel Sydney – i also ate cup noodles.  But like all Asians – we love to try different kind of cup noodles.  At the moment i am stuck on Tom Yum flavor cup noodles and even though my mom used to say it was no good for the health – we all still eat it outta convenience.


So sometimes for variation purpose i would whipped out a cup noodles and boil some fishballs like the good old times.. and have them for a night snack.  But I found a new flavor during my recent trip to the city and i bought some to try and it was yummy!! seaweed cup noodles – mannn!! it wsa good.  What is your favorite kind of cup noodles..??   Is cup noodles a junk food?

Sinful Sausages

Posted by mamabok | BBQ,Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,Health,Junke Food | Thursday 17 June 2010 5:24 pm


Yes – i love these heart/blood clogging sausages !! i can’t helped myself – better if BBQ and comes with a stick, and it’s a good thing – i only eat it once in a blue moon and only at PB’s parents place – because they don’t mind cooking it up for me.  Plus it’s nice to have someone to share these sinful sausages with because PB and Chloe won’t eat them – but i think Richard wasn’t in that day – so only grampie helped me eat some.


Love to have them all burned up – what about you?  how often do you eat these sinful sausages?   Summer is almost here – i can’t wait to go to some awesome BBQs of friends and family.

Frozen Durian

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Fruits,Useful Links | Wednesday 16 June 2010 4:30 pm


When we were up in the city in early May – I bought some Frozen Durian – you see they don’t have it all the time – even if i lived up in the city.  So when i saw it at Tian Phat up in Bedford way – i grabbed it.   So i do get to eat durian periodically – and i feel bad that i have to eat it inside the house – because you and I know that even though we love the smelll – the “ang mohs” well, it needs getting used to.


The frozen durian isn’t as good as the real one of course – but beggars cannot be choosers right?  so yes – it was pretty good – but this time – i saved some for Chloe’s grampie because I dare him – hahahahha!!! and he was quite sporting about it and ate some – and liked it.  But it did stink up the whole house – hahhaha!!  and guess what i had to do –  after grampie tasted durian??  i had to touch a CATTTT!!!!!  hahhaha!!!  all in good fun..!  all in good fun!

Spaghetti Supreme & Side Salad @ Pizza Delight Starrs Road

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,Useful Links,Useful Tips,Western | Tuesday 15 June 2010 10:05 pm


Guess where I had lunch a few weeks ago – yes, yes..! i’m back logged .. and you know the reason why.  Busy business and lots of work online.  But anyhow – I took pictures to show you what a lovely meal i had.  This was take out – and it only took 15mins for us to pick up our food – super fast and super efficient – the staff were .  They were ready – even before PB came back from picking up some   best prenatal multivitamin for his buddy’s wife.  Why?  our store near the pharmacy mah!


Remember the last time – we went for a sit down on a Sunday – and they didn’t have Tabasco sauce – therefore i didn’t order Spaghetti ?  yes – i’m horrid in that sense – need the burning sensation.  But yes I ordered a Spaghetti Supreme.  What is a Spaghetti supreme..??  It’s oven-baked spaghetti with meat sauce, mushrooms, Italian meatballs and our signature cheese blend.  Yummy or not..??


I ordered a side salad – a Caesar to go with my meal of course and it’s sinful – but absolutely hit the spot.   The side salad was only $2.99 and they did come with a piece of garlic bread – but i prefer the ones from Jessy’s – rich !   The meal cost less than 15 bucks and chloe and I had the ghettis and there were leftovers for another meal – so definitely value for money – huge portion of food and really quick too.



Jessy’s Pizza – Lasagna & Garlic Bread

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,Useful Links | Monday 14 June 2010 1:14 pm


As usual, we debated on what to eat on a Saturday afternoon and admiring some contemporary sofas that my customer had brought a catalogue in for us to see.  Since Chloe was going to her grammie’s – we ended up having a late lunch as per usual – what’s new eh..?? when you run a busy business and work online as much as I do – you kinda gotta eat – when you have time.  So Jessy’s Pizza we picked for the day and we chose to try their lasagna – lunch didn’t take too long – i think only 15 mins after we ordered.  I walked over to pick the food because I haven’t been in before.  It was clean, bright and spacious – too bad i didn’t have my camera with me.


The staff were friendly and the lasagna came with a huge garlic bread that just came out from the oven – it had CHEESEEEEE on it..  yumss!!!   I liked it!!!  the picture i took of the lasagna didn’t do it justice – i really do look better than the picture i tell yer.


So PB and I had this for lunch and dinner.. and we had some left  – it was a lot of food for just $7.99 i think.  Definitely, definitely worth the money!!!  and yummy too!!!   The cheese was a lot and rich food!  i could eat this everyday if i was 20 yrs younger – but when you are my age – we just have to watch our cholesterol eh – but this was really good .. and you bet we are going to Jessy’s Pizza again.

Preserved Plum

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Chinese,Food From Home,Junke Food,My Musing,Snacks | Friday 11 June 2010 12:47 pm


To most people this package of thing is nothing special – in fact I’m sure – one can get it anywheres in the West – those living where there are Asian Grocery Stores – but if you show this to an “ang moh”   – they would wanna know what does this black thing that looks like some piece of big booger is.

I never thought i would missed preserved plum but not having it for 10 yrs or more well, i do like them now – hahahh!!  And i was eating one everyday and just finished it today.  Yums!  but Chloe nor PB wouldn’t wanna have anything to do with it.  Again, I found this at the new Asian Grocery store – so it was pretty awesome!  next time i’m gonna get more.  I know Jenn from www.passion4food.ca – had offered to get me some – and i had said no no to her good intentions – you see what i was missing – so never refused a good offer eh.  So when was the last time you had preserved plums?

Winter Melon Soup

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,My Musing,Slow Cooking | Thursday 10 June 2010 12:12 pm


When we were up in the city – we found a new grocery store – Asian one of course  –  in Queen Street – so instead of going to the old one – we decided to check this one out.  It is a pretty neat and clean store – and guess what we found – WINTER MELON!! woohoo!!  so i bought a piece – in fact i should have bought a bigger piece – I’ll know the next time.

So came home from the city and slow cooked winter melon soup with chinese mushrooms, dried scallops, wolfberries, red dates – and of course pork, then slow cooked it for 4 hrs. Result – yummy yummy soup!  ahhhh!!  blisssssfulness!  Chloe loves the soup too – and I wished we can get more winter melons here but alas as you all know – they only have it in the city.

Chicken Bowl @ KFC

Posted by mamabok | Fast Food,Food Review,My Musing,Western | Wednesday 9 June 2010 10:42 am


I haven’t eaten KFC’s chicken bowl for a long time now – but once in a while – I would indulge and eat them – it’s a lot of food for the price we are paying – I think $3 something if i am not wrong.  I don’t know if you have this in Asia – but the chicken bowl comes with mashed potatoes at the bottom – kernel corn – lots of cheese and a bowl of gravy on the side – just the way i liked it.


I’ve always liked the KFC here – unlike the ones back home – they are very generous here – and gives you all sorts of condiments that you need.  And i’ve always had good service at the KFC here –  and we do have buckets of chicken with PB’s family during special occasions and the next one coming up will be Father’s Day – so you can expect us have some greasy chicken soon. When did you last have KFC?

BBQ In Support Of Womens’ Foundation

Posted by mamabok | BBQ,Canadian,My Musing,The Other Half | Tuesday 8 June 2010 6:28 pm


3 weeks ago – PB came back to the store after sending Chloe to her grammie’s – and told me that there was a charity BBQ at our local bank – well the Bank Of Montreal to be exact.  And since we bank with the Bank Of Montreal – of course, we have to go show some support.


They were BBQing hotdog and there were chips and drinks too.  Now the charity BBQ – you can get a hotdog, a pop and a bag of chips – now the awesome thing was – you can give any amount you like.


I would have preferred the real sausages like the ones  – we can get at the Farmer’s Market in Sydney or  Eumundi Smokehouse  @ North Sydney Farmer’s Market – YumS!  but this will have to do for that day.


PB had a hotdog too and a bag of chips – i only had the hotdog which wasn’t bad at all – but warming up the bread would be awesome – but tis’ for charity – so it was really nice to see the staff of the Bank Of Montreal out doing their bit.   Well done !  Bank Of Montreal!


Posted by mamabok | Canadian,My Musing,Snacks,Western | Monday 7 June 2010 2:51 pm


We don’t have a Dunkin Donuts, we don’t have a Krispy Kreme nor do we have a famous donuts from LA or J. Co Donuts from Kuala Lumpur or Big Apple Donuts or The Famous Berry Donut Van in Sydney or a Paris Baguette in Korea or Donut Cafe in Shinbuya BUTTTTTT!!!  we do have a Tim Hortons!!!!! woohoo!!!


And they are mighty cheap if you buy them by the dozen – plenty to choose from – i usually let them pick whatever they want to give me – because i never eat them – not that they are not good – but because i’m diabetic – but they are sure good gifts for the doctor’s office – or the outlaws – or when you go visiting a friend for coffee in the afternoon.  A dozen of donuts are like $6.00 – so cheap, cheap right but remember if you buy one at a time they are like $.84 cents or there about.   Tim Hortons are very popular with the Canadians but not so much for the States – how I know?? I’ve been to the States many times.. and if you compare the choices they  have in the states.. you would know why.

Black & Decker Steamer

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Awesome,Kitchen Gadgets,My Musing,Slow Cooking | Friday 4 June 2010 10:35 pm


PB bought this Black & Decker steamer for me like 2 0r 3 Christmases ago – and this was the first time I’ve used it.  Why?  too busy to steam things to eat lah – other times – i just use a bigger pot, put in water – and another bowl and steam away.  Why in the world i did not use this – i cannot understand it myself – because this must be the best thing I’ve had  – i kid you not – it’s cheap – it’s easy to use and easy to wash too.


What prompted me to use the steamer?  it’s these paus – that we had bought from Halifax a few week – a month ago.  You see normally i use the pot method and the pau always turned out like horrid – all soggy and wet – not edible – so with these paus – i suddenly thought – why not.  And this i’ll have to say – was the best decision I’ve made with the kitchen.


The paos turned out awesome – and i’ve been using it for steaming dumplings and other stuff – I’ll attempt to do steam fish really soon.  Wish me luck!   Oh – those were “tau sa” paos – if you were wondering.

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