The local supermarket had a unique visitor in their seafood section – for the first time, we saw a mutant lobster – hehe!!  actually the grandfather lobster had 3 claws instead of the usual 2.  Very unique eh?  Chloe was so fascinated with the lobster that we hung around the supermarket longer than usual and didn’t go look for my  Moen kitchen faucet .  Bummer!


The lobster was so huge – i wonder if he had more meat or would his shell weigh more and whoever buys him would end up paying for the shell..??  But i never liked big lobsters anyways – Lobsters Thermidor are the ones i liked best but they don’t usually have it here.  We usually get the normal size lobster but it is Chloe’s grandparents who would pick them up and cooked them for us.  Talking about lobsters – the last lobster i had were from the Zhu’s – yummy!


  1. Chef Cindy

    That lobster looks good, Ummm Cheese bake lobster and Lobster fruit salad yummy yummy

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