So I took Wenn from UK advise that ABC soup is good for the Chloe a few weeks ago, when she was ill and plus i can find the ingredients easily here too – so why not.  ABC soup consist of some corn on the cob, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and carrots – of course you need some pork too.  So happily ever after – i went on my cooking adventure.


How hard can this be right?  so i waited for 4 hrs – slow cooked it – and the soup looked awesome but didn’t taste as good as i wanted it to.  So i checked with Wenn – and apparently i did have everything needed in the soup – and she didn’t know what went wrong.  I haven’t tried the soup again – but if anyone can enlighten me – that would be great.  Maybe, not enough tomatoes..??  or potatoes..??  did i shake some salt into it..?? yes – some not too much  though – coz’ i don’t like taking salt in our food.  Pray share eh.


  1. MeiPY

    Probably not enough tomatoes. How much pork did you put in? Stick a few raw spare ribs if you can get them.

  2. Chef Cindy

    I know wat’s missing, ribs celery and parsley stalks, add a lil peppercorns ( preferably white) n when it’s time to serve add scallions. =)

  3. chriatina

    Maybe you can slice those corns into another half again to make it taste better. That’s what i did.

  4. Princess

    simply enough this recipe, I will try this also. Just curious why it’s called ABC soup?

  5. snow

    my mum always pre-boil the meat to remove the excess fat and smell before putting into the soup. She’ll also add some anchovies/dried scallop for flavour

  6. shirley loo

    hmm..u pretty much had what is needed already (more than needed actually) MB ..for an authentic ABC soup.. coz i dun put corn on cobs normally .. just xtra loads on onion and carrots … potato n tomato lesser. But I must say, tis type of soup (which uses vege all)… definitely wont have enuf taste .. must either add salt (u can opt for sea salt for lesser sodium intake) or hum choy abit.

  7. EC

    Actually ive been using chicken all these years as chicken works best for ABC soup cos it adds sweetness to the soup. It never fails. Try it.
    Whereas Pork is better for non-sweet tasting soup.

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